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Thread: 16.01 Zoo Feedback Wanted!

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    Everything I bought at the zoo has disappeared!!!
    I do not know what I should do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yomara Martínez View Post
    Everything I bought at the zoo has disappeared!!!
    I do not know what I should do.

    You will have to file a report with support directly from your game. You can find a guide on how to do that here for Android/iOS/Kindle, here for Windows/MAC, depending on what platform you're playing on. Give them as many details about your zoo possible, what animals you had, what enclosures, etc., and the support team will help you with restoring them.
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the shop boxes! This was one of my major ways of making coins. I spent so much time upgrading each building to max coin % (50% more coins) and 8 boxes! This was also a huge aspect of playing the regatta! The advantage came to those players who did upgrade the zoo buildings to 8 boxes and 50% time off. All that time is now wasted and I have lost a significant source of coin income. I don't mind the cards to get the animals, but please please please bring back the zoo shops! I loved the shop keepers as well. The zoo has lost a lot of functionality and fun without the interactivity of the shops. PLEASE restore the shops back to being interactive, being able to fill the boxes with goods.

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    I'm "on the fence" about the update. I like the zoo cards. I don't like having to use the ridiculous amount of coins and T-Cash everything cost. I'd prefer to have the shops back with the baskets. The amount of products for the zoo tasks are too much. The quantities are always way too high.
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    I miss my old zoo and all my beautiful creatures!!!!! I am sick of all these needy people

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    The New Zoo. Feedback March 2019, not enjoyed in racing or activity

    Leverage here, lvl 72 currently.

    The zoo for racing purposes right now is a cash only push.
    Its not fun.

    Racing -Zoo as a task.

    There is no strategy or game fun to get the 1.5 + hour wait time lower -no booster that can be earned or won.
    There is no prior planning or factory work, like for planes- for the next single task roughly 2 hours later.

    Only thing a good racing player can do is ignore the zoo completely for a day or 2 and let for the tasks to pile up to x number (11) and then take the zoo task in racing.

    Or spend cash to get the tasks faster.

    No fun.

    Zoo as Play:
    Totally passive and dull

    There is no real connection of a player *earning* any certain animals or builds.
    Its all controlled by cards, so it's all random passive and you just get whatever random animal is in cards/decks, from tasks elsewhere.

    Filling orders is just select 3 orders for others to fill for clovers- takes 2 hours to get a new order anyway so go do other things.

    And yes the orders are ridiculous, I expect that for planes, but not as a single order for zoo, rather have more orders of products in smaller amounts.

    Suggestions? for improvement:
    Booster for task time orders for zoo in racing
    Task ways for getting animals/encampments, and not just waiting for a random card/reward.
    Smaller amounts on orders, more of them instead of long wait time
    and I liked my shops and boxes too!!!
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    How come we are unable see the names people have given to their zoo animals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leverage View Post
    Smaller amounts on orders, more of them instead of long wait time ...
    And not to forget, a Delete button for these insane zoo orders:

    Quote Originally Posted by Alretor View Post
    How come we are unable see the names people have given to their zoo animals?
    Because Playrix has taken that away with this zoo "update"... "zoo change"... not sure what to call this, that is allowed ;p . No reason given.

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    New zoo is all ok, with one exception - the amount of building materials required to build enclosures. This is even worse now we have to exchange those same items to buy power tools. Did anyone actually request power tools or is this just another money making scam?

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