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Thread: 16.01 Zoo Feedback Wanted!

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    I really liked the old zoo and visited regularly. Everything made sense from the standpoint of getting an enclosure and then filling it with animals. The new concept has cards with nice artwork but the philosophy of getting an enclosure and then filling it with animals like a real zoo would do has now become a random computer game of earning cards which may or may not apply to your enclosures.

    I agree with other comments that the quantity of items in orders is way to high and the return paltry. Overall the experience is much less positive because it’s become very difficult and random to fill enclosures. I have earned animals with cards that have no where to live. That is just stupid.

    An improvement I would recommend is only giving cards for enclosures that are in place and over 50% finished (materials on hand). Getting cards for animals with no enclosures at all is very disappointing and makes me feel like I’m wasting my time working on the zoo.

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    Yes, there are enclosures without animals and animals without enclosures.

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    Having played the new zoo for a bit now I have come to terms with the changes a little more.I

    I have accepted there is very little purpose to getting new animals other than as a collection and the satisfaction it gives to finish the collection...

    Because the emphasis is now purely on collecting animals I feel the book needs improvement. It would be useful if we could filter by finished families, started families etc so we had a better idea of where we are with our collection. Right now I feel like I'm collecting randomly, I have absolutely no idea which animals I am close to getting etc.

    I also feel a bit disconnected from it all, I randomly get given cards, occasionally I get told I can build an enclosure, so I build it and now and then I get told I have a new animal so in it goes. I have no control over it, so I'm doing it, but not really getting excited about it and I am certainly not engaged enough to consider buying extra cards.

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    After playing with the new zoo for a bit, I must say I like it much better. But then I left my zoo to last so it wasn't very far developed and I wasn't committed to it. But I far prefer the card collecting to the old method.

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    I hate the new zoo

    I’ve collected 9 animals, but still can’t complete the 5 enclosures I’ve already purchased. I feel like I’m wasting my time and goods. No space to save building supplies in town or the zoo. I also feel the amount of goods to get cards is rediculous. At least the old zoo you knew the items and could manufacture them. Gems are now next to impossible to get. One for every plane and maybe one in the mines every hundred feet of digging. Again, next to impossible to use boosters. In one day I needed 18 loaves of bread, 18 honeycombs, 9 eggs, etc and in return I got a bunch of useless animal cards. The house of luck, islands and the planes are giving more cards than anything else. I’ve played everyday for 4 years and really enjoyed the game. Your recent changes make the game less than enjoyable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy Russell View Post
    I see no point in getting animals now after this update. So my verdict is also “just terrible”.

    My zoo now displays a sign “SHUT 2019” on the grass area. Bye zoo it was nice while it lasted.
    How do you display a sign? That's a great idea! I can't stand the new zoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonnieJoy View Post
    How do you display a sign? That's a great idea! I can't stand the new zoo.
    There’s loads of different ways people do it, terrain, road/path, flowers.

    Get creative

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    There is NO point in playing the new stupid zoo. The required amount of products to feed or fill are ridiculous for the payback. I won't even visit anyone's zoo.

    My daughter was so excited for me to get on this game she'd played for years. I finally did in November 2018. She was excited for me to get to the zoo level. When I did, the update hit within days, and I was shocked! My daughter has since stopped playing daily. She barely plays at all. I won't play my zoo at all. Two people in my entire co-op say they "don't mind" the new zoo, and rest of us are not so happy.

    I'm angry that you shove animal cards at me as "prizes" in the mine, planes, HOL, when I don't use the zoo. I loathe the new zoo! The very short time I had before update the book thing where I named momma and they were expecting a new baby that I could name was so cute.

    I realize, too, that you can't please a million people. So maybe during a meeting of the minds, see if there's a way for players like me to CLOSE OFF our zoo if we want to. I immensely enjoy playing outside of the zoo. But I get very upset when I lose resources to animal cards I'll never use.

    Thanks for listening.

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    I love the new zoo!! I didn't have one before because I use my gems for boosters. Now I have several animals already!! Very happy with the new updates!

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    I agree 100%. It's horrible to help friends also, because everything is spread out.

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