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Thread: 16.01 Zoo Feedback Wanted!

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    А я успела несколько дней захватить старый зоопарк и тут же "переехать" в новый. Так как в игре совсем недавно. Но из всего негативного могу отметить непомерно раздутые заказы в зоопарке и по количеству и по сложности продукта. И выполнять их приходится за смешно низкую плату. Монет с гулькин нос. Опыта на три копейки. Прямо жалко отдавать товары в зоопарк, когда отправка их самолетом или вертолетом дает весомый вклад в город в противовес какой то жалкой подачки из зоопарка.
    Так же не понятно почему выполнение заказа не выдает следующий заказ, а тянется время "выполнения заказа". Странно. В самолете ведь уже это функционирует - заполнил ящики, отправил и тут же пошло ожидание нового заказа с подготовкой товара. А в зоо этого нет.

    Стали таки выдавать клевер друзьям за помощь в зоо. Это хорошо.

    Ничего, что текс в оригинале такой:
    Отвратительный перевод.... Лол
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    I used to love my zoo and enjoyed naming them silly names. Why bother naming them anyway I use to earn most of my coins and gems&paint&&& now what do I get cards! zelda and many others have said it better than I could and cathy below LOL! yes I spent &enjoyed lots of time on my zoo shops.
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    Zoo, what zoo? Mine is shut due to no shops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy Russell View Post
    Zoo, what zoo? Mine is shut due to no shops.
    Mine will be after I finish the last enclosures and animals.

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    Actually, after a few days reflection, I like the zoo. Tasks are so expensive that I finally have the excuse to ignore it completely and concentrate on my town. I don't fill zoo requests for friends, I don't do zoo orders for myself, I don't take zoo tasks in regatta. I sure don't pay township cash for zoo cards! I can use my gems for boosters exclusively. Every great once in a while, I'll check to see if I have an animal ready and build an enclosure. This actually works for me.

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    I love the new Zoo. In a short time I have earned several new enclosures and several new animals. I appreciate I can click on the Zoo sign in my town to see what orders I need to complete without going to the Zoo. Thanks.

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    I don't like the new zoo at all. The players in my co-op don't like it either. I like the fact you change things up. This was not a good change as far as I can tell. I do love this game ❤️

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    The new zoo is great. I like the card concept, makes it interesting. I can also say I am honestly more interested in the zoo in general now. I used to ignore it unless I REALLY needed the barn room.

    However, after talking with my teammates, we've come up with a few ideas. It would be nice if we could trade cards with our co-op members. It would also be nice, if you didn't have to travel even further into another's town only to find out you don't have what they need. I get that touring towns is a part of the game, but I don't like feeling as though I'm being forced into it, or having to ignore those help requests just because I simply don't have time to go 'digging' into towns to help out.

    Now, if we could just get the fulfilled help requests to leave the game chat windows like they used to, we'd be onto something

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    I really like the new zoo, only problem is our Team leader Michelle Disimone's zoo disappeared and when she got it back this morning she restored it and you all Banned her!!!!!!!!!! Michelle is not a cheater in anyway what so ever, and for this to happen saddens me and all of Mishmash , please can you help us with this matter?

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    I haven't seen my zoo enclosures in months. they disappeared. I have uninstlled the game and re installed it. Can you help me restore my zoo? thanks

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