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Thread: 16.01 Zoo Feedback Wanted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    Just noticed that the game honts / text shown during the loading screen says helping in the zoo gets you a clover. If you're not getting them then either the game is broken or their text is wrong.

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    Just going to add an update.... Seems there is a LONG lag time my teamate is IOS Iam on android we see this during event scores. I did get her clover but it was HR or two later
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    This is my first ever post and I'm sorry if has to be a mainly negative one.

    Have played Township for a long time, I find it great for relaxing and enjoying a little 'me time' and have really appreciated the wonderful game play, graphics and the hard work the developers have put in to it. I find the forum a really valuable resource and am grateful to all the contributors (unlike me) who ask the right questions, answer queries and who probably unknowingly help the 'silent players' such as myself.

    Zelda's post summed up everything I wanted to say (Thank you) and the only thing I'd like to add is that maybe Playrix should consider ALL their players, including the ones who don't participate in Forums, Co Ops etc, is that many will probably just lose interest and quietly drift away from Township.

    I'm not angry about the terrible changes made to the Zoo, just disappointed because (with having all the Zoo animals and enclosures available to date) the whole game now just seems vaguely pointless. Progress is now too slow, orders are too 'greedy' and the fun aspect of even having a look around your own Zoo has gone.

    I do hope you reconsider the changes you have made.

    Thanks for reading


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    There is not a notification of any kind that someone has helped you fill a Zoo order - you have to constantly check the board - that may be the cause for a slow response in receiving clovers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    There is not a notification of any kind that someone has helped you fill a Zoo order - you have to constantly check the board - that may be the cause for a slow response in receiving clovers.
    Yes, it would be nice to have that same "Helping Hand" icon floating over the zoo order board when you have been helped.

    I suppose that the "Helping Hand" icon really says "You have new help that you haven't acknowledged yet" as that icon disappears when you tap on the plane or train crates to say "Thank you", regardless of whether you send the train or plane itself.

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    Hey, everyone!

    Thank you all for such detailed feedback! We really appreciate your contribution to improving the game. We have passed your thoughts on to the devs, please rest assured that they will carefully examine it.
    Kindly note that we've considered activities for the players who have already built their Zoo up and we will be introducing more animals in upcoming updates, so stay tuned.

    Once again, thanks a million for sharing your feedback with us. Means the world 💐✨


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    Another thought to this new zoo is that when you complete an order, it takes much too long to get another. The orders should be replenished when one is completed so you can continually play rather than waiting for several hours.

    I posted this here as there are no clear instructions on how to initiate a new thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shannon View Post
    I don’t like the new zoo it goes way to fast for getting the enclosures and it takes all my tools and money up to where I can’t do anything else and the animals take to long to collect plus taking all my gems and leaving it for other things. I never been on here really but this time I have to say something. I have autism and this new zoo is making me a little agitated. Pleading with you to change the zoo back except for the Giving food to zoo customers I do enjoy that. Please turn it back and refund us are tools, coins and gems please. Have a good day/night
    Agreed! Hate the new zoo! Especially hate when I get a treasure box and only zoo cards are in it. What a rip off!

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    I love the new road options and the smaller entrance.
    I do NOT like the fact that it takes more gems to buy animal CARDS to save up than it EVER did before for the ACTUAL ANIMAL! That is a rip off, esp since without the shops there is less chance of earning gems!
    Also, wish animals were more active, or like the elves at Christmas time, would do something if you tapped them.
    Also, with adding water, I wish it blended with whatever ground type surrounded it (in the ENTIRE GAME actually), but the Penguin slide had to be put on water which is surrounded by SAND! NOT very realistic, and no way to hide it without blocking the activity!

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    Oh, and my biggest want(so I'm making a separate entry) is regarding zoo cards...
    If we had bought the zoo in the old zoo, but get their cards they not only don't count as duplicates, you get no credit whatsoever for them! I also would like to see WHAT cards are duplicates so I can verify the counts... No reason duplicates counts cannot be under their book picture!
    With all the issues after the zoo updates, like the gems won in the mine not adding to your account, sometime even SUBTRACTING A GEM FROM YOUR ACCOUNT ALONG with NOT ADDING earned mining gem...
    It's not unreasonable to just TRUST that Playrix has it counted correctly! Plus, we EARNED those animals, so either do not give us duplicates period or count all cards for every animal we've earned!
    And let US monitor, as even tho I was smart enough to keep track and NOTICE the gem.issue and report it I was 'compensated' for 2 lost gems, not the 3 additional I lost and NOT at the cost I would have to pay to buy them! While I appreciate AOME compensation, as that rarely happens, at least reimburse what you CHARGE for them. It seems like common courtesy and sense.

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    Oh iots a great zoo, but so hard to get animals, ibefore we could work to get the animal we needed, not its all pot luck, I have earned over 300 cards and only had 2 animals. it needs to change

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