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Thread: 16.01 Zoo Feedback Wanted!

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    My co op members were hoping that filling orders for friends would count towards the new regatta zoo task, but finding out it doesn’t has really put us off taking on chests with these tasks in them...apart from everything else we don’t like which echoes what Zelda has said pretty much!

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    suggestion: please put the number of cards in a pack of animal cards on the image. {20, 30, 50, ____? } all look identical. ( please let us know how good the prize is.) example: does everyone in event 1st place thru 13th get same number of cards ? house of luck -- how many just got missed .... etc.

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    Really after doing this to most your loyal players after yrs playing ( which your false fountain has just gave me now only a 2 yr instead of true yrs of mayor of my and a coop had 2 yrs and she joined way later then me , and as most all players hate zoo change , but after what you did to us , i 'm very shock you missed a more money making option , like sorry zoo task take 3 hrs to get new task and you can't use t cash to get new task wow what's happened

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    What Zelda said

    Thanks, Zelda....I have to say also i miss all the planning aspects of the zoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorekeeper View Post
    What Zelda said

    Thanks, Zelda....I have to say also i miss all the planning aspects of the zoo.
    You're welcome

    Yes, the planning, that ¡s also what I meant with having no overview. Whenever I get new cards I feel no urge to see if I needed them, if I have almost an animal or what, it's so not appealing to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zelda View Post
    Whenever I get new cards I feel no urge to see if I needed them, if I have almost an animal or what, it's so not appealing to me.
    Very true. Not to mention that I have no idea where to find what in that book.

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    Having read through most of the comments in this thread, I have to agree with the majority who feel that the new look zoo is a great disappointment. I have to confess that I didn't pay too much attention to my zoo before the update but the loss of the shops (regatta tasks) and the ability to collect families of animals using gems was far more appealing than the current method of collecting cards. I have always paid more attention to completing my town than the zoo element, but find myself practically ignoring the zoo's existence now. I'm trying to expand my town, finish getting all the community buildings etc., so why would I want to use my hard earned goods to satisfy the new demands from visitors to the zoo and keepers when the goods required are so hard to make or difficult to source (island produce). I can't help thinking this is simply a way for Playrix to extract even more money from their players and it makes me less and less enthused about the game as a whole.

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    For me, the zoo cards are in the same category as the museum artifacts. They are random and, for the most part, out of my control. I can do things in the hope of getting more but there are no guarantees what i will get. I am building the enclosures one by one and they will fill up when they fill up!
    While i am resigned to the changes in the animals, i am still stinging over the loss of tasks and income from the shops. The new zoo task offers a choice between spending lots of time or lots of replacement for Hot Products.

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    I didn‘t open the old zoo, because I wanted to concentrate on the development of my town, but was looking forward to doing it later on. Now I opened the zoo inadvertently. Of course I can‘t compare old to new, but I have to say, the zoo as it now is, holds no attraction for me.
    - the orders want too much products (outrageously so, nine !!! rubber rolls, downright greedy, I call it)
    - the gameplay is way too slow with waiting three hours for a new order and nothing to do in the meantime (in the zoo at least)
    - the animal cards seem to come randomly, you cannot plan, which family you want to have first.
    - one has to do ever more orders (now, I‘m at twelve), but the rewards aren‘t any better, than they were with three orders. Probably meant as an incentive at the beginning, but disappointing nevertheless

    I can quite understand that those who made the zoo with its shops an integral part of their overall play are very disappointed with the new zoo. Like others I think it‘s now a mere collector‘s book, a pity in my opinion.

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    OK do we or don't we get clover for filling zoo help request? Trying to build up clovers and started to notice no clovers. Getting them from the regular orders. I know that there can be a delay but I have kept tab all day and no clovers from zoo requesrs

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