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Thread: 16.01 Zoo Feedback Wanted!

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    I have definitely paid more attention to my zoo in the last week than I have since I opened it back at level 40.

    Previously, I would fill HZPs if I noticed there were two or three easy products, and a 135 HZP task up.

    Now, I’m filling orders and gathering cards like mad. I’m paying more attention to planes, for cards, and trains, for extra enclosure materials.

    The purple gem on the gem display beneath the coin and cash annoys me. We don’t have purple gems. Why is there a purple gem?

    The timer being weird is, well, weird, but that’s being looked at.

    The order requirements are ridiculous, and the coin/xp return is dismal.

    New animals, new regatta tasks, and new boosters are needed in some format or other.

    The cards look great. Some excellent design work there.

    I’m glad the new entrance from beta remained. It looks much better and, natural, than the old one.

    I like that the orders stack up to a maximum, so if you miss one coming in in three hours, it still starts working on the next one (up to eight).

    Overall, I’m a definite “in favour” of the new format.

    ETA: these were my booster ideas (probably cobbled together from what others were saying):

    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
    Profitable Zoo: All zoo orders earn double the amount of coin and xp for 48 hours.

    Speedy Zoo: Time until next Zoo order is cut in half for 48 hours.

    Busy Zoo: Get double the amount of orders (two every three hours) for the next 24 hours.
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    I have only been playing the new zoo for a day but so far I like it.
    These are the only things I would like to see changed.
    1. The entry way and zoo shop seem too big. They are much larger than the rest of the buildings and the large tree next to the zoo shop obstructs anything you might put in those spaces behind it.
    2. I would like to be able to look through other people's zoo books to enjoy the cute names of their animals. Someone said maybe this was changed due to offensive names being used. But if that is the case punish those people not everyone.
    3. Animals and zoo patrons asking for too much product. I don't want to give someone 9 fish and no one wants to give me that much. I think it would be better to have 3 products requesting a lower quantity than 2 at such a high amount.

    I like using cards to get animals rather than gems. I like the order process better than the boring process of filling shop baskets.

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    There are a couple of small issues with the zoo, most of them already well documented...

    Order size is steep.
    Needing to fill 12 orders for one reward is again very high.
    3 hours between orders is a little long.
    Not being able to delete orders is an issue for me.
    (The issue with the timer...which is being fixed.)

    My main issue though is I don't see much point in bothering to get new animals. Yes they unlock a few new decorations, which I can't afford right now and yes they give you access to land expansions in the zoo, but I don't need these if I don't get new animals.

    Previously we worked on getting animals so we could upgrade the shops. Not sure what, but I would like to see some sort of real purpose to acquiring new animals. Some reason to keep me working on it.

    ETA...also would it be possible to have some sort of notification when someone has filled a zoo order for you? I don't like to keep my friends waiting for covers and sometimes I forget to check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    I have to agree with the points made by Graylady. Also many of the Zoo orders are simply outrageous in the quantity of products they ask for.
    Hi Nana,

    I thought I was being overly critical about the exorbitant amount of item requests. Good to know you and others share the same feeling.

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    Overall I like the changes to the zoo, though there are things I'd alter too.

    I found filling baskets in the shops repetitive and uninspiring, so only used the shops if I had a task. And I only took a task if my Hot Products were so fast I couldn't justify turning one down. For those whose style of play and enjoyment relied heavily on using the zoo shops for income, no amount of new animals is going to appease them if those animals remain purely decorative.

    I won't miss the zoo materials cluttering up my barn for long periods as they did when only using shops intermittently.

    I'm quite happy to have the zoo's function be primarily decorative, especially now we have a reason to visit each other's. I too would like to see peoples' zoo books when I stop by for a visit. One reason for that is so that I could look up which animals they have and then tap their book to jump right to the enclosure I'm interested in seeing.

    Now enclosures are being offered to me more regularly in the new zoo, I suddenly have a use for the standard building materials I unavoidably collect. That's a nice change. Though I'll maybe feel differently when the requirement gets larger (as I progress) and the barn crush really kicks in. A related regatta task or two wouldn't hurt, as an incentive to continue interacting with it once progress on enclosures slows. I can't imagine what those tasks could be, though, other than filling orders, which would currently be too slow to interest me in the slightest.

    I'm not thrilled with the order system as it stands in general. The rewards are also way too low compared to any other use you'd put those goods to. 3 hours feels too long to wait for a single order, and the amounts requested often too much for my barn to have routinely in stock. It's a sad irony that many of the orders are only likely to be considered 'fillable' by those of high enough level to have very large barns - and those are the very players most likely to have completed zoos. So they won't get cards for their trouble anyway.

    I do wonder whether gems have been made any easier to get, to account for our having more uses for them (the zoo card purchase and the old ingot decorations)? If they haven't, they should be, imo.
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    What I like about the new zoo:

    - The entrance
    - The animal book is beautiful
    - Don't need gems for animals
    - We can help friends fill zoo orders
    - Enclosures are cheaper
    - We don't need zoo specific materials anymore
    - Feeding animals and visitors
    - Extra space from new land expansion and storing a couple of my shops

    What I don't like:

    - How long we have to wait to get new orders.
    - The large quantity of hard to get items asked for in zoo orders such as island stuff.
    - The low payment given for fulfilling zoo orders.
    - Not being able to look at friends animal books.

    What I would like to see added

    - More enclosures for the players who have already completed zoo
    - More land expansions
    - Something to allow us to have zoo related regatta tasks

    I have only had the new zoo a short time so if I think of anything else I will add into my lists

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    Just terrible.

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    I haven’t had the zoo long but I don’t care for this update much. There are a couple things that are good as mentioned already but for the most part I don’t care for it, especially the randomness of getting new animals. Getting the babies before the parents? Ugh. Playrix should also check the Facebook comments too - most are hating it.

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    I see no point in getting animals now after this update. So my verdict is also “just terrible”.

    My zoo now displays a sign “SHUT 2019” on the grass area. Bye zoo it was nice while it lasted.
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    Hi Anna,
    I never started my zoo, I was going to wait until I was farther up in the levels. I don't know anything about how the old Zoo was run.
    I have played for a few days and my thoughts are:

    Right off the bat the amount of some of the orders are outrageous at least for me.
    My farm isn't very big. I know there are a lot of people been playing a long time.
    I can't even keep my planes and trains going at the same time. It is just too bad that there
    Isn't somehow to separate us so the long time farmers got the high volume and the new farmer
    got the low volume ones

    I like the fact that we can help each other.

    I like that we can name the animals.

    It would be nice if we had a say in what animals we had coming.

    The new cards are different I guess that's good we don't have to buy them but would be nice if the option was there, is it there? I didn't notice.

    Our reward isn't very exciting. That does need some work. They could alway give us a chance to win a land extention for our farm.

    Need to have a button added down next to plane and trains for zoo.

    Buildings entrance is nice. Kinda big but nice.

    Animal enclosures look nice.

    I think that there is a lot of nice things.

    Just needs some work
    Good job
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