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Thread: 16.01 Zoo Feedback Wanted!

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    16.01 Zoo Feedback Wanted!

    Hey, guys!

    As you know, the Zoo has been renovated — and we can't wait to hear your thoughts on it 🦒👇 Please, don't hold back!

    And no worries, if you have already shared your feedback in one of the previous threads, we'll definitely consider it too.

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    I love the new look and things we do you orders from animal and people.

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    Hi Anna. At the moment I can say I’m “neutral” about the re-design. My Zoo was completed some months ago. If we get new animals in future updates, I may have more opinions about it - I don’t look forward to collecting a bunch of cards for animals I already have, just to try and earn a new animal family.

    As you are already aware, the Zoo update also contained some bugs in it - 1) Zoo order timers out of whack, and 2) Mine issues with the free chests that contain TCash.

    Hoping iOS gets a bug fix update soon.

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    To me it is a big deception. Absolutely nothing to do with it. At least with the old shops I could manage my barn overflow and earn gems and barn tools by doing so. After waiting for more then a year for something new to do in the game, at my level, that is not it at all. Getting 1 order every 3 hours do not increase my play time at all !

    Right now I just do 3 orders a day, choosing some that have easy products to fill just to have friends earn clovers.

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    Not about the zoo specifically, but rather about the update which rolled out the new zoo, Kindle players were seriously disadvantaged because of the wait (of almost a week) Are Playrix planning on compensating us? Also, on Kindle the version of the game is 6.3.7, but on other platforms it's 6.3.5 Is there something wrong with the update on iOS/Android, and is this why the Kindle update was delayed for so long whilst you solved the problem?
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    I have to agree with the points made by Graylady. Also many of the Zoo orders are simply outrageous in the quantity of products they ask for.

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    I miss the function of the zoo shops. It gave me something to do (and a reason to stay in the game) while waiting for trains and planes in addition to the points made by Graylady. The loss of the Hot Products regatta task is huge...
    Zoo enclosures are getting built much faster but the zoo is providing very little return to pay for them. The book graphics are nice but function could use tweaking—section for in progress families, ability to see other players books... Personally, i feel a bit disorganized with all the partial animals and incomplete families but that’s probably just me lol...
    Bottom line, i can live with the changes to the method of animal collection but the loss of the shops is game crippling and is felt outside of the zoo.

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    Those of us with all 180 animals have little purpose to interact with the new Zoo. Please consider "generic" animal cards which can be traded for specific animals when new enclosures become available. Sort of like a "wild" card that can be turned into any other card when needed, even if they are value specific, such as regular, rare, or epic. Then ALL players would have a reason to pay attention to Zoo orders.
    Thanks for considering this idea.
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    Ehm..... my personal opinion: the (at this moment) 47 (!!) pages in the general thread overhere speak for themselves.....

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    Hi Anna,

    After playing for the past few days, here’s my current feelings:

    Things that I like:

    - The new look. I think the entrance area looks much better (more modern and neat) and the graphics are fantastic.
    - I prefer to save my gems for boosters so I like the new card system. It works well with my way of playing.
    - Less expansion tools needed to buy land which in turn means more space in the barn.
    - More chances to earn clovers and help friends.

    Things that I’m not so sure about:

    - The new order system. Waiting three orders for each order to come through makes the game very slow paced. I haven’t visited my Zoo as much since the update as I don’t have as much to do. This is particularly frustrating when the orders are requesting excessive amounts of products for low coins and xp and we can only ask for help three times per day. Once per order (as we can do with planes and trains) would be better.
    - The rewards for orders. With the loss of the shops we’ve lost the chance at regularly earning barn upgrade tools, expansion tools, building materials and gems. This again makes the game feel slow in pace. It would be nice if the rewards for filling orders included some of these items, even if they were only received at semi-regular intervals. I would be more motivated to fill the excessive orders in return for a topaz gem, bucket of paint or a saw rather than a disappointingly low amount of coins. As we get to the higher levels, everything costs more and it’s harder to make enough to buy the factories and buildings now that one of our main sources of income has been removed (hot items).
    - We can no longer see each other’s books. I liked looking at other people’s names choices. I’d like to see this option returned.
    - Not sure why the decorations had to be switched from being purchased with ingots to gems? As gems are now harder to collect, I won’t be purchasing any of the decorations although I like a lot of them and would have purchased them with ingots once I had the space.

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