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Thread: Save Multiple Town Layouts, Save Edit Continue Later!!!!!

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    Save Multiple Town Layouts, Save Edit Continue Later!!!!!

    So many other games I play have the ability to save multiple town layouts at one time. There are 3 save slots for different town layout designs. It also allows you to save while you are still editing with the option to finish later etc.

    Building a town all in one fail swoop is ridiculous. Sometimes we don't know what layout we like better until we have tried changing it. And its difficult to change it when we don't have the option to choose our previous layout... in case we dont like our new town. And its diff. to change without clearing the whole layout and starting from scratch..with the ability to save and continue editing later.

    Please!!! Take this into consideration!! That isn't going to effect the gameplay all that much or change how difficult the game is. I can see why certain suggestions are not possible only because you want to keep the game at a certain restriction for difficulty reasons. But this change only adds more fun and creativity for the user.

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    I agree

    I tried rearranging my town at level 55 and it took me around 2 1/2 hours. I just don't have the time, with work, to do that. Having the option to save our progress would be very helpful.

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    I don't play many games so never considered this could be possible, but if it is I would love to be able to save different layouts. It would be very handy to edit out towns over time instead of all at once also.

    Thumbs up from me

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    I totally agree !!! I would like to put all things in storage and save it. And then come back and start rearrange in my town how I want it when I have the time. There should be an option to remove all items at once and put them in storage with One Touch of a button!

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