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    What are "skins" that the devs talk about in the announcements?

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    A skin is just an option to change the appearance of an object.

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    It's like a costume for your helicopter or helicopter pad

    Currently those are the only two with "skins" available. They were made available in the Professors Experiments event a month or so ago. You could earn the helicopter pad skin (makes it look like a flying saucer hanger) through challenges but had to buy the Gold Pass for the opportunity to earn the helicopter skin (makes the helicopter look like a flying saucer).

    However... if you click on the helicopter, in the upper left corner there is a little icon that looks like two playing cards and an arrow (that is how you change skins). I don't have the helicopter skin, but when I click to change it, there is a box that says, "coming in the next update" so I am assuming it will be up for grabs again in the near future and you will have a chance to earn or buy it.

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