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Thread: Cannot accept new members

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    Cannot accept new members

    In the past month we have had over 10 new member request.. when we accept them we get confirmation that they were accepted but when we click on the member … they were not added… After many request from tech support they suggested that the members requesting to join must be accused of cheating… not buying this as can we truly have had such bad luck that only cheaters want to join??? any other coop having this issue

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    There is one other situation that I've seen. A player tries to join several co-ops looking for a new home. If you click "accept" you might see a brief message float by that says "player is already in a co-op" meaning that some other co-op accepted them before you did.

    Some things about that message. It does not appear in the chat but is one of those "floating messages" very similar to what you see when you tap on a train or plane crate and it tells you that a thank you letter was sent.

    If you successfully accepted or rejected a join request, the request in the chat will be replaced by a message indicating what action you took, that is, accepting or rejecting is not "silent" in the chat.

    So if you accepted someone but don't see the "you accepted the request" in the chat, they might be in another co-op already. When you visit the person who is requesting to join, look at their level information in the upper left corner, where their avatar should appear. If it shows a co-op shield and symbol they are already in a co-op.

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    We are having exactly the same problem your co-op is having. We were told the same thing by the support team. I am not buying it either. We accept them but when I go to their town they are not in "any" co-op. This has been going on for quite sometime. We have not gotten any real help from the support team.

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    Problems adding new members to co-op

    When we get a request for someone to join, we approve them and they are not added to our co-op. They are not in any co-op either. This has happened numerous times. Is anyone else having this issue? Playrix said it is because all the ones requesting to join were cheaters.

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    Sorry to hear you're still having the issue, Belly. What you describe is really very strange. Anybody else got any idea why this should happen?
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    Mesa az
    No very puzzling! I know support gives generic answers that don't make sense. Never had that problem.

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