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Thread: 15.01 Zoo Contest!

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    I have to agree, it is a lion cub Row 7 column 8!
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    Yes, there's definitely a little lion looking cheeky at us from row 7/column 8

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    Column 8 row 7 looks like baby lion to me
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    Row 7 / column 8 .

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    Hey there!

    Everyone, of course, was correct, and we hope you had fun looking for that baby lion 🦁 Her majesty good fortune has spoken, today six lucky ones are Nana, kitty4715, Talpa, JammyJamFam, Kiki123 and SumSum 🌷🍀 Congrats, guys! Please keep an eye on your PMs to learn how do get your prizes.

    Townshippers, thank you all for joining the contest, more ahead so stay tuned 😻🎉

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