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Thread: 15.01 Zoo Contest!

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    8 across, 7 down - yes, I'm thinking it's a lion cub too!
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    Yep.I'm saying 8 along and 7 down lion cub

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    Lion cub, column 8 row 7. Name Leonardo.
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    7th row, column 8 lion cub

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    I see a lion cub in the 8th column, 7th row

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    The lion cub is featured only once. It is in the 7th row from the top and is the 8th animal from the left.

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    Row 7, column 8 - lion cub
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    In row 7, 8th column.

    Do I have to guess an animal
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    It's a lion. Row 7, column 8.
    This time I go with all of you.

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    I see a lion cub under the panda in the 8th row from the right and 8 row from the left. it is the 7 animal from the top and the 4 th animal from the bottom.

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