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Thread: Someone is deleting all the tasks in my Co-op

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    Someone is deleting all the tasks in my Co-op

    I have Co-op named "Towns of Wonder" the members are helpful and active in regatta. But one of the Elders just keep deleting all the tasks while regatta and everyone is suffering due to that. I wish there was a way to find out who is not listening to my warnings and keeping on deleting tasks. I can't even demote all the elders because the non-culprit members may feel bad and leave my Co-op.

    I wish I could find out the one who keeps on deleting all the tasks.

    Can anyone suggest a possible way that will solve my problems?


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    Hi Ritz

    As everyone is suffering, they will understand that you have to demote the elders until you identify that player. Just explain on the chat why younare doing it. After, you can promote them back one by one and see how it goes. Another way of doing it is demoting the players that never interact on the chat. My guess is they do not even read your messages there.
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