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Thread: Wintervilage vanished... Elephants in the Room

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    Elephants in the Room... Let's talk about that!

    Although King Winter has not jet left my country, Christmas time lays behind us and so it is time for a change.
    Do you remember how I build the Village?
    All townies went back to their summer residencies, the snow melted down and everything else is stored to show up next Christmas.
    Only the Styrofoam landscape won't return in the latest form. I am planning on building a cable car system then and that needs another landscape then the one I had.

    Time to reshape the two platforms in my window sill. The gras on top of them is replaced; it is artificial grass used for rail model construction.
    And rail model constructions are often build under a rooftop without daylight. So this stuff isn't sun-proof and looks a little withered and turned yellow after a few years.
    While replacing the gras I also renovated the construction and expanse the bottom with an extra shelf. With the multitool shaw and the Jigsaw I tried to give it a Rocky look(Wow, that sound familiar ;D). Ocher acrylic paint must do the trick to get a realistic look.

    In the middle I placed a small closed to create a cave or something like that. On the closet the Elephant bust in my Profile pic will be placed. But first the closet needs to be reshape by my multitool and after that it wil need some paint to fit to the platforms.
    During this week I suppose there will be elephants in my living room

    I'll keep you informed
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