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Thread: Nana Conquers Zoo!

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    Nana Conquers Zoo!

    air balloon.jpg

    On the eve of the Playrix 4th Anniversary celebration, it happened!!!

    Nana has hit level 44 in the zoo! Great Googledy Moogledy!!!!!!!

    Nana, though a consummate Zoo Basher, stayed the course and her grit and determination has born fruit. What?!

    Congratulations Nana!

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    Thank you Cobalt!

    Yes, it was a miserable journey and consummate complainer is an accurate description. But almost all the things I (and hordes of others) complained about were, over time, modified by Playrix. Beginning in the early days the deliberate withholding of timber and progressing to many other changes in Zoo play. Now, they really, really need to do something about the gem distribution and requirements to make them less onerous and nigh on impossible without huge outlays of TCash. It cost me over 600 TCash to get a second adult parent for the Fennec family, and one baby for the Snow Monkey family. I won't be doing that again, ever. The animals can just go childless!

    Anyway a huge burden has been lifted and I've caught up - until more animals are introduced! LOL
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    Congratulations Nana Quite an achievement !

    I agree they need to increase the distribution of gems. They are far too scarce right now.
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    Congratulations, Nana!

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    A hearty congratulations, Nana!

    Glad I can now look to your zoo when in need of motivation. Especially when it's 3am and I'm blearily staring at mine and asking myself "why?"
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    Congratulations Nana.. your fabulous zoo has blown my tiny mind!
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    Congrats on the accomplishment. Now what's next?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightbox View Post
    Congrats on the accomplishment. Now what's next?
    Well, Lightbox, I still need a gazillion gems to get all the babies for 5 animal families. I may be dead of old age before that happens at the pace gems are coming right now.
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    Woohoo!!! Congratulations, Nana!! Now you can really complain about nothing to do in Township

    And you get the log/rock deco!! I love the eyes looking out the log!!

    Once again, good job!!
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    Congrats Nana, that was a long hard slog!

    I love that log deco too. Only 2 levels to go lol!
    Forever living in hope lol

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