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My cards received in chest after filling orders:
1 order (Tutorial): 30 card intro pack (one complete adult)
3 orders: 3 regular adult cards, 2 rare baby cards
3 orders: 4 regular adult cards, 1 rare baby, 1 epic baby
5 orders: 5 regular adult cards, 1 rare baby
7 orders: (still working towards, will update)

Thanks, Kitty ... I just completed my 7/7 chest and I'm pretty sure it gave me 6 cards, but I'm not 100% sure. If we have to keep filling more orders and yet still only getting 6, not going to be happy. I have gotten cards from 2 separate planes, in addition to the gem and a couple other small prizes, and also got some from one island chest, so they are out there. Hope you get some that way soon.

As for your 3 missing animal families, have you contacted them through the game? They should be able to see that you had them and give them back to you. I'd ask them to restore them and then swap any cards you received for those with cards for animals you don't already have. Doesn't hurt to ask!