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Thread: 12.01 How To Get Animal Cards

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    12.01 How To Get Animal Cards

    Hi guys!

    Looking for more animal cards for the new Zoo? 🐾 Help is on the way!
    Take a look at our infographics – makes sense now, right?

    🐼 Complete zoo orders
    ✈ Send planes
    🚒 Send ships to isles to get chests
    🌊 Check out isles’ daily chests
    ⛏ Open chests in the Mine
    πŸ† Take part in Regattas and Events
    πŸ€ Play at the House of Luck
    ✨ Find golden balloons floating in towns
    πŸ‘· Gain XP points to open checkpoint chests

    Leave your feedback and questions in the comments here or in this thread.
    We will pass them all on to our dev team πŸ¨πŸ‘‡ You may also check out the updated help pages.

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