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Thread: Cost of living in township.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaLa’s Land View Post
    Cost ratio vs....all things we have the option to spend on, if they could just narrow the gap a tad to be a lil more, reasonable.
    Yes, this is where I totally agree. Sometimes I don't think they realize if it were a couple bucks here and there, I would spend it, but since it's sooooo expensive a lot of people end up vowing to never rush anything.

    I loved your original post and a good 'venting thread' is never a bad thing!

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    All these things mentioned are obviously so expensive that no normal player would use these offers. Maybe there are some lucky guys who can afford everything, but they are throwing their money at everything available anyways, so these prices don't seem to make sense. It would seem smart to offer lower prices in order to attract at least some of the other players. If they refuse to do that, they're obviously expecting better profits with the current system, which are essentially sales that are activated by mistake.

    As much as I understand the need to motivate people to spend some money, a reputable company trying to sell their product shouldn't rely on cheap tricks like this one. I guess they need a little more self esteem. They have a good product that would make enough money if marketed more honestly.

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