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Thread: 11.01 Welcome To The Renovated Zoo!

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    As a kindle user I am used to the wait for the updates, this one is only different because of the lost ability to visit updated towns. It is what it is and I hope too that kindle users get it tomorrow or at least over this weekend.
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    no it does not change to update. the game is just opened in another window I'll just quit playing for a week or so

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    Help! Updates Glitching Here - Just downloaded update and notice two glitches.

    #1 - My clan Can Not visit my town!! Problemo numéro uno...

    #2- My 'Decorations Tab' is perminently set to 'New!' in red and no matter how many times I look and click through each item, the notification won't go away.

    Questuons: How do I update without uninstalling? If I uninstall and reinstall, do I loose all my efforts?

    Please and thanks for your help!!!

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    Until all platforms are updated, KINDLE players can't visit IOS or Android towns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by One-Eye 57 View Post
    Like so many others, I feel saddened that the Zoo shops will no longer be a source of materials and advancement for the game. Yet, as disappointed as I am, I do recognize as a gamer, I have a choice as to how I spend my time and money. This game remains a fun distraction, and I play more for the sake of friends in my Co-op than for grand advancements. So, no livid complaints about the changes.

    For the sake of those still not updated, I will share the facts of my update compensation:

    1. Just to install the update, I received the usual 5 T-cash gift.

    2. The buy out of Zoo-specific materials:
    3 wood planks; 3 shears; 3 screwdrivers; 6 tape; 0 hinges (I sold out most Zoo materials for a Regatta coin task)
    Received: 600 coins & 20 T-cash
    226 Amethyst gems --- Received: 126 Topaz; 71 Emeralds; 37 Rubies. So 8 more gems total than Amethyst taken.

    3. The Compensation fee for my 8 maxed-out shops: 80,500 coins & 45 T-cash.

    While I wish I could have received more, the compensation is what it is! This is a free market gaming world, so I choose to roll with the punches.

    My bigger disappointment is the much more limited interaction with the Zoo and how it can help the game as a whole. Losing 64 shelves and their earning potential, and now only being able to feed 1 animal and 3 visitors every 3 hours is a factual decrease in Zoo function. Just realized these comments belong elsewhere than compensation discussion, so I'll move to a different thread!

    Wishing everyone an enjoyable gaming life!
    We have the same thoughts about the earning potential. Not sure if I like this change / update but I'm giving it time to see
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    Still no update through amazon!😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    IMO we were shafted regarding all the zoo work that was cancelled out. Also, I just used a WHOLE LOT of product filling zoo orders and guess what I got in return...2 glass.

    We were told there are two new expansion. I only got one and I’ve looked and looked to make sure.

    I’m told there are no new these suppose cards we are to get going to be accumulated or are we just wasting our time and a WHOLE LOT of product.


    What’s the point? If it’s to get us buying more failed...I won’t be buying any.
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    Serious Problem with New Zoo Order Board Timing


    There is a serious problem / flaw / bug in how the timer for the new zoo order board works. Now that many people have had a full day to play with the new zoo, we are seeing how the 3 hour countdown to the next order is not working in a logical fashion.

    First reported by Hilltop Valley in the "Zoo Redesign" Thread, there have been a dozen or so messages documenting the strange behavior.

    The issue is what happens when the countdown expires and you receive the new order and then it restarts for the next order.

    It seems that if you are not in the game when the new order arrives, the timer restarts as you would expect. However, if you re-enter the game *before* the next interval expires, the timer *restarts* at 3:00. Stated another way, if you see that the timer will expire in 30 minutes and leave the game for 1 hour, when you return you will have a new order and the timer will say 3:00 (or 2:59), not the 2:30 you'd expect.

    Worse, if you go to bed and get a good 8 hour rest, when you return to the game, you will have multiple new orders (assuming you have the room for them) as if the 3 hour countdown was behaving correctly while you slept. And when you look at the order board, you will see the correct number of new orders but the countdown will start at 3:00 again.

    This has led One-Eye 57 to observe that you get penalized by playing the game and you get more new orders in a day by completely avoiding the game altogether. Clearly not the intent of the developers.

    I encourage you to ask the developers to read that thread starting with the post I linked to and then look into this problem. It is not lost on us that there are a maximum of 8 slots and with a 3 hour delay between new orders that the intent is to have a full board in a single day. This timer flaw / bug is restricting the ability to play / advance the zoo.

    Besides Hilltop Valley and One-Eye 57, Nana, Kitty4715, Zelda, and myself have all contributed their observations to that thread as well as a number of posts expressing concern about the slow pace of play related to the order board.

    Thank you,

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    Unfortunately I know the answer......Money, Money, Money, MONEY. This way for the zoo will take 4 times longer to get animals. Now understand this the parents each need 30 cards. Now just not any card but the MALE brown camel card needs 30. The female brown card needs 30. Now Each animal family needs 4 different cards totaling 85 card about for Each animal family. I started with camels because that's where I started with the new update. Now remember they have warned us that we could get multiple cards of the same animal. So if you only need the two different colors for the camel kids, and you already have both parents, you could still get the parents cards. You are just supposed to take them and save them. Playrix may buy the extras back later. Now remember the cards Don't take up room in your barn. That's how they appeased the my barn is to small people. There will be a new zoo task. It will have to be something like fill 48 zoo baskets. It will be yours or friends baskets. I not complaining just stating the facts as I see them. Please correct me if I am wrong. This is what I see. This mindset of playrix wanting us to spend more green bucks started when they changed the snowboard event. The bridge event was just to spend green bucks. There mind set has always been PAY to PLAY. The regatta has gotten that way. People go to college just to learn ways to squeeze money out of people.

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    Always willing to put in my two cents of opinion!

    The Zoo order timer should be like the market, that is, an absolute 3 hour interval like the market's 6 hour refresh. We can pay to make it refresh sooner, but never delay a new order.

    As well, the number of orders to earn a Chest could be leveled like the Interseasonal Regatta: 3 orders for Wooden; 5 orders for Iron; 7 orders for Golden; 9 orders for Precious. The player decides how many orders to fill before cashing in his/her credits; then get a reward quality based on the number of filled orders!

    I guess that makes too much sense!
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