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Thread: Seahorse Boosters

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    Seahorse Boosters

    Just want to say that AFTER I lost all the Seahorse boosters, DELIBERATELY, during game play level 3501, I had a far better chance of winning that level - and level 3503, without them.

    I did beat level 3501 and 3503, currently stuck on level 3505............

    Goes to show that Rachel the Seahorse boosters CAN BE an actual hindrance to the game play - but ONLY in a few certain levels, not all.

    The option to turn the Seahorse booster assistance on or off may be left to the player to decide it’s exclusion or inclusion within a game play level.

    Well, you get to ‘select’ what boosters (if any) you want to use in a game level, therefore the same rules should be expected of the Seahorse boosters as well.

    A better option would be to ‘gift’ that booster to the player, and added to his/her arsenal for use at a later stage of game play, but I guess that would defeat the effectiveness of the Seahorses’ existence.......sigh

    And yes, I have already advised Support through the in game contact medium about this.
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