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    More animal decorations like horse,wolf,tiger,cat and dog
    Maybe a wildlife preserve like the zoo set up
    Maybe being able to have house to go in storage so we can put them in town or zoo area
    More trees like maple,oak, Japanese and others

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    Mesa az
    I would and so would many in my co op would love for,
    Coco,, Silk,, Rubber time be shortened down why make it take so long, when you all know it is needed?
    Thank you

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    Have street light decorations flower pot decorations and to have some way to clear out co-op message box

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    Amen! I think their plan is to get us to buy Bills to speed it up!

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    I think they should be a way to make money in the game and I don’t mean coins as I have spent more than £100 in this game. !!!!!!!
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    I agree! That would be nice!

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