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Thread: Compensation

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    Quote Originally Posted by L&P Star 2 View Post
    But I think My new model is missing all those new technologies and accessories.

    Feels more like someone has taken my 2 year old Mercedes and given me a Skoda.
    LOL - I found it a quite good comparison by Katville. And somehow it continues with your reply...

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    Well it sucks to be misunderstood. You felt I misquoted you and I feel you are misquoting me. Ok I will just agree with you, thank you for your sympthy, apologize for my half of this unnecessary forum drama, and move on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Lyons View Post
    Well it sucks to be misunderstood. You felt I misquoted you and I feel you are misquoting me. Ok I will just agree with you, thank you for your sympthy, apologize for my half of this unnecessary forum drama, and move on.
    Argh! It's the literal quotes in your post that I was taking issue with, Cody. These " ". Which tell people those were my words, when they weren't. That's a misquote. The only part of my post to you that was between " " was exactly what you did say, word for word. So not a misquote. The rest is clearly my own interpretation, which is why it's not in quotes - so people will know that.

    So, in a post:
    "somebody else's exact words"
    Our own words

    Okay? Moving on.. because we both have bigger fish to fry, I'm sure.

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    So, the zoo shops are paid as a separate item?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorekeeper View Post
    So, the zoo shops are paid as a separate item?
    Yes, score!

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    I think Scorekeeper nailed it.

    Seems like you get 80,000 coins + Tcash 45 for having a fully upgraded zoo

    Then you get some more coins and a little XP for any products you placed in your shops that were being processed before being sold.

    I got 82,586 coins + 746 XP + TCash 45.

    So 80k of coins for buildings you spent acquiring for 500k+ coins. LOL

    Then Tcash 45 for all your effort + hours/days of time, all the other materials on upgrades etc

    Not exactly my idea of fair compensation. But then whoever said Township was fair LOL

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    The bigger picture and a few take-aways on a more philosophical level:

    Please remember: You're not building or creating anything. You're playing a game. It's the journey and not the destination.
    Whatever you think you "built" or "created" can be taken away in a single update. All that time and effort gone. So enjoy the journey

    For those of you that have invested your time building and upgrading your zoo, your hours/days/weeks of time and effort are worth a grand total of 45 Tcash. LOL
    Should you have perhaps just spent $2 in the real world to buy 45 Tcash and done something more productive with the rest of your life LOL

    Live Love and Leave a Legacy (8th habit). In your last moments on this earth, are you going to think to yourself: "I wish I'd played more township"

    I certainly won't be wishing I'd earned an extra 45 Tcash LOL

    Thanks Playrix
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    Well said L&P Star 2 ... Exactly, we are playing a game.

    Playrix didn't have to give us any compensation at all!
    We paid for the shops, enclosures and animals with coins and gems, both earned within the game, so costing us nothing.
    As for the time spent playing the game, that was our choice, we can play all day, or just pop in occasionally, playrix have no power
    over us in that respect.
    Any TCash we bought and spent was also our choice, there are players that never buy any.

    I guess it's a case of you can't please everyone lol, there will always be some that are not happy.
    This forum consists of a minute number of players, maybe everyne else doesn't come here because they are happy,
    And think of Township as a game lol

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    My post was as much a note to self as anything LOL

    A lot of it is our choice. But at the same time Playrix have fundamentally changed the game so it's no longer as enjoyable. I'm sort of in 2 minds: feeling cheated that the games has changed a lot for the worse; but relieved that I've realised again that I'd become something of a frog in boiling water, so perhaps a thank you to Playrix that it's time to move on and do something else

    The zoo "upgrade" has been a useful wake-up call that that Township has become something of a "time thief" for me.

    Best part about the game was the interaction with other players, and friends made

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    I feel punched in the gut. The shops were an investment. A huge amount of work. Not least in that they were the driving force behind getting enclosures. Which means hundreds of gems. I probably would never have built so many enclosures had it not been for the shops. The shops allowed for faster regatta. The lack of the occasional zoo task is making regatta worse for me too.

    I guess playrix are trying to cycle out all the players who already add spent the hundreds of dollars on this game, and get new ones.

    I still cannot wrap my head around the numbers for the compensation. It's worse than getting nothing. And ruining long term goals and destroying the satisfaction players got from achieving fully uprated shops.

    Punched? I feel like they killed me.

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