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    Building materials for enclosures

    I’d like to start a new topic purely to collect information about new amounts of building materials needed for enclosures. For example, Bald Eagles now ask for 194 of each glass and slabs. Previously it was 130 of each glass and slabs and 68 wooden planks. So it actually asks for more materials now.

    Information about other enclosures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    On those numbers, you are at a huge disadvantage if they are correct. 388 total materials needed for Bald Eagles now, previously 328. So even less barn space.

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    Raccoon 118 bricks + 118 glass vs 116 bricks and and glass + 60 planks. This one is not so bad

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    Peacocks are now 34 glass and 34 concrete slabs, so quite a bit less than on the wiki.

    This enclosure was started during the zoo tutorial, not sure if that affects the figures, were the others already in progress when the update happened?

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    Wild boar: 78 bricks and slabs
    Gazelle: 86 glass and slabs
    Lynx: 102 glass and bricks

    Brb...I have a lot of trains to catch lol

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    134 Bricks
    134 Slabs
    for Walrus Enclosure

    Zoo expansion:
    7 axes
    9 shovels
    106,000 coins
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    If you have built everything in the town then is there a use for bricks, glass and slabs other then for the zoo? I only liked the zoo for the zoo shops which are now gone. Such a pity. I have absolutely no interest in collecting random cards for animals. What use are trains if I don’t need bricks, glass and slabs? I can buy the mining tools via Raja and as I’m not into decorations have plenty of land.

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    Pelican enclosure: 94 each glass and bricks

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    is it better to finish building 1 enclosure at a time or don't it mater, when you are waiting for materials

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch71 View Post
    is it better to finish building 1 enclosure at a time or don't it mater, when you are waiting for materials
    If you don't want your zoo to look as a building site, then choose to build one at the time.
    If Marisa or one of our Mods collects all information from these posts to create an overview in the first post above, you can make a good choice in which enclosure you have enough building materials to build

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