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I’d like to start a new topic purely to collect information about new amounts of building materials needed for enclosures. For example, Bald Eagles now ask for 194 of each glass and slabs. Previously it was 130 of each glass and slabs and 68 wooden planks. So it actually asks for more materials now.

Information about other enclosures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
I am totally confused! For me the old Zoo order filing was way better & no pressure to fill orders. Now the goods amount asked are ridiculous!!! We need so much materials already to keep the game going, produce goods in factories etc........ secondly the asked building material in the zoo that’s esculating is also unrealistic! Why make it so difficult? We are loyal players after all and we shouldn’t have to struggle to achieve in the games we love so much. It’s taking the fun out for me personally.
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