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Thread: Can’t move to next aquarium

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    Can’t move to next aquarium

    I have completed all the aquariums up to the Brazilian one and it keeps saying “you need another star” ? How do I get this aquarium to open ?

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    You only "think" you have three stars in all preceding aquariums. You most likely don't. Go all the way back to Tropica and open each aquarium in turn. Click on the beauty points bar on the top of the screen. Don't just look at the stars - click on the bar. If it says "you have all three stars" move on to the next tank, and so on up the line. You will find that you are a few points shy in two or more tanks. You'll need to get a plant or something like that to get to the required point total. After you complete that incomplete tank, keep on checking until all tanks up to your current one are confirmed. Like magic, rewards for your latest completed tank will appear.

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    Thanks ndgoblue, did as you said, found two that needed a small top up, done now all good, thanks.

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