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    Quote Originally Posted by JJay View Post
    Overall I find it much easier to get animals and I'm happy about not having to use gems for them, and, if I build one thing at once, I don't find the quantity of materials needed too excessive at my level. It will probably be easier/quicker to collect the normal bricks, slabs etc than it would have been to try and get planks, especially for mini town - it needs so few materials at the moment, I could probably build the enclosures I have pending in a few days, but I don't want to risk messing up the algorithm for the CBs.
    Thanks. True that! I will not miss the Quest for Timber. Of course I have yet to experience the Joys of Power Tools

    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    You know, it really doesn't yet, because I'm not in any rush. Now the initial woohooooo! of getting the shiny new cards has worn off, I'm perfectly content just to plod along and throw some building materials at an enclosure if and when it seems daft not to. The barrier to progress for me will ultimately be barn space, of course, but when the requirements get too high for convenience I'll just stop until they aren't any more. If that means I never complete the zoo, so be it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ In the meantime, I'm happy to have some optional use for materials I'd otherwise be disappointed to receive.
    Yes, for the old zoo I held off until everything was done in the main town then focused on leveling up the zoo.

    This time around, once I saw the Beta Leaks about the Tool Exchange, I decided to work on finishing the two new zoo animals before returning to the main town. Armadillo house built and I need another 100 Glass to finish the Red Panda enclosure. Only then will I know what excess tools I'll have and figure out a way to either convert them to power tools or sell them.

    Probably do something like folks recommend for land expansion, keep 20 or so of each and sit back and wait for a new expansion, sell the excess. Will need a "guideline" for how many excess power tools to keep around. 30-40 seems reasonable given the requirement for the Animal Hospital.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences / thoughts on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    Now that there are new animals, I am getting cards that are almost exclusively for the two new families (8 different animals) and only received 4 cards that could be called "doubles". BTW, these came only by filling zoo orders, I still do not see them in the HOL, the Mine, Balloons, or any other place they say they should be found in regular gameplay.
    With my big town currently waiting for me to buy a new tablet - (HURRY UP FRIDAY!) - I have returned to my baby town to experience all of the glorious mayhem created by the new zoo format, the Tool Exchange, and the "thought to be bygone" days of Community Buildings, Factories and tons of land/zoo expansions. (I promise not to cry during the typing of this message, though I reserve the right to do so afterward.)

    I have what appears to be 11 enclosures with animal cards, 1 enclosure not finished, and 2 more not even purchased (and a plethora to go beyond). I know that I have received cards from planes, events, HOL, levelling up and the regatta (the latter from my experience with my big town). If there are other means for getting cards, I too have not yet seen them.

    So, for folks who are still working on the earlier enclosures are you receiving cards for any and all possible animals? That is, even though you haven't completed the Toucan family are you receiving cards for the Red Panda and other higher level animals? If so, how many enclosures are you able to build since it only takes 1 card in a family to allow their enclosure to be built? How many are you actually trying to build at once or are you working your way up slowly, possibly waiting until you have a full animal family (or are very close to it)?
    It seems as though there is still a "level" aspect to each of the animals, though I am not 100% certain of that. With the need to build community buildings and the trying aspect of obtaining the necessary tools from the Tool Exchange, my little town has opted to refrain from building any more enclosures until I can get caught up a bit in the main part of town. I definitely find the new tool exchange to be a challenging problem, but I will also admit that I am not turned off by it (unlike many who have sworn their vehement disgust).

    So the zoo requirements and the barn grew together which made the storage space less of a problem than what it appears to be now.
    Agreed. Creation in the town AND the zoo is not symbiotic like it was with my big town.

    If this is "tl;dr;dc", I'll understand
    And thanks for explaining this. But NEVER too much coming from any of our seasoned posters.
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    I’ve put way more effort into my zoo now than I ever did with HZPs. My loss, I’m sure, but, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I switched over with a level 14 zoo.

    I now have all enclosures unlocked. One waiting on glass, 16 waiting to be built.
    I have 54 completed animals waiting for placement. 14 animals still to complete (six from before update, and the eight new animals).

    I’ve completely abandoned my town, and switched instead to focusing on my zoo. I’m waiting on all the glass, and I’m okay with it. There’s no rush. It’ll come when it comes. TS is supposed to be a long slow game.

    It probably helps that I don’t think of my book-animals as “homeless”. I just see a collection of 30 cards. Once the enclosure is ready, I will trade my 30 cards in for an animal to be delivered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    Yes, thanks for all that. That's a lot of enclosures available and the total materials requirement should look pretty scary.

    And thank you too. It seems that it doesn't let you get too far ahead, from Penguins to Polar Bears is a 6 family spread. Still, trying to start all the enclosures at once would be difficult in coins and materials.

    So Bess and I (and some others have mentioned it) are not getting cards from anything but the zoo proper, at least not finding them in chests but you are getting them from regular gameplay. I wonder what's the "boundary" for that behavior.

    BTW, "tl;dr;dc" is internet for "Your post is Too Long, I Didn't Read it, and I Don't Care anyway" That could apply to a lot of my postings
    Hi again, update, after several more cards, the range is now: penguins (the female baby still need two cards) to beavers (daddy is just begun). And I didn‘t mean Pokar bears, but seabears (or seals???).

    And thanks for the explanation ... I like your posts, can‘t write short sentences either
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    I think I'm also in the minority here regarding the zoo. I liked it a lot this new zoo although they are few things why I don't love it yet.

    The reasons I don't love it yet is because:

    1)The outrageous quantity of some items is ridiculous.

    2) The money obtain in some orders , especially the high quantity orders is extremely low.

    3) I wish every time we do all 12 tasks, we received the zoo cards and maybe 1 gem or 1 Tcash.

    4)Waiting 3 hours for an order -> Either have a trash button or reduce the time by 30 minutes like the helicopter.

    Reasons why I truly like it:

    1) I like how I can take my time with the zoo as I'm in no rush to complete it.

    2) Less money & time to do the enclosures

    3) The guess factor of not knowing what animal I will get next.

    4) There is no more hot stuff shops --> I didn't enjoy it at ALL, I hate it. Yet I understand why extremely high level players enjoy it.

    5) It gives me the freedom to develop my town more if wanted to, without being in a time limited to do things in the zoo, example the hot products.

    6) We visit other people's zoo and help them with their order

    7)Get clovers for helping

    8) I love my zoo so much, that for the first time I go on it and I contemplate all the animals and everything on it.

    Overall: I want to take my time with the game and enjoy everything I do , is all about the journey for me not the destination.

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    I'm with you Eliraven, I like the new zoo too. I did really like the hot products in the shops though ( especially for regatta tasks) but they are gone so I don't brood over them.

    Not being on FB myself I am limited to 50 in game friends so the extra requests for help coming from my friends zoo's is a very welcome addition, but I agree with what you have said regarding them. Hopefully Playrix will tweak them in the future.

    Overall there are more things I like than dislike with this new zoo, so I'm a pretty happy camper and glad to hear you're enjoying it .

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    With the update, I'm curious to hear y'alls' opinion on when to open the zoo. I have been waiting to finish all the CBs to open mine. I had just finished the Bank when the update arrived and suddenly there was an Animal Hospital and a Tool Factory to deal with. I'm not sure what to do now. It'll be awhile before I finish the animal hospital. And I'm a bit turned off by the crazy product requests I see in friends' zoos.

    Do you think that waiting to open the zoo till all CBs are finished still makes sense like it did previously?
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    Hi Calypso, I think you could open your zoo now, as in the beginning the enclosures shouldn't be too demanding for materials. I think you also get a free enclosure to start with .

    I understand being put off by the zoo product requests you have seen, but for the moment it is what it is. It would maybe be nice for you just to get started, when your enclosures & zoo orders get to demanding ignore it until you have finished your CB.

    So that's my suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Hi Calypso, I think you could open your zoo now, as in the beginning the enclosures shouldn't be too demanding for materials. I think you also get a free enclosure to start with .

    I understand being put off by the zoo product requests you have seen, but for the moment it is what it is. It would maybe be nice for you just to get started, when your enclosures & zoo orders get to demanding ignore it until you have finished your CB.

    So that's my suggestion
    Downton, been reading your post, really enjoy your replies... Very kind, knowledgeable, and up-beat. Cheers, Kim
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetness123 View Post
    Downton, been reading your post, really enjoy your replies... Very kind, knowledgeable, and up-beat. Cheers, Kim

    Thanks Kim, thats very kind of you . Its great to see you back on the forum, I used to enjoy reading your posts prior to joining the forum and now its lovely to meet you. Some of your recent posts have really made me laugh

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