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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Thanks Kim, thats very kind of you . Its great to see you back on the forum, I used to enjoy reading your posts prior to joining the forum and now its lovely to meet you. Some of your recent posts have really made me laugh
    Thanks Downton, very nice to meet you too .

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    I don't know if it has been discussed here, but today after finishing my 12 zoo task I received 3 animal cards and 1 T-cash, which is nice cause I think they should give you animal cards and one time T cash the other time gems.I hope this is a permanent thing and not a one time thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Hi Calypso, I think you could open your zoo now
    Thanks for your advice, Downton. On other threads, I've heard people complaining about always getting zoo cards instead of booster coupons in the events and in the Yacht Club. And right now, with the Zoo unopened, I don't have that problem So I've decided to wait a little longer. Although those colorful trees you can get only after opening the Zoo are really tempting...

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    I understand Calypso, good reasoning regarding boosters. Though the trees available from the zoo are awesome, and when it comes to trees any reasoning goes out the window for me .

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    Me encantaría que los edificios del zoo volvieran a funcionar con los productos como antes, ademas ya se necesita liberar mas espacios en el zoo para poder continuar con los mismos ya que faltan mucho recintos por agregar

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitty4715 View Post
    And just a warning, there is NO CONFIRMATION WINDOW when you click on the card in the zoo shop to buy the animal with gems. It just takes your gems and gives the card. So be careful when clicking.
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    see also posts:

    This has been corrected with the last update; there is a confirmation window now.
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    I simply do not enjoy the new zoo design. Prefer the original version. I find myself mechanically working with it and can't wait to get back to my town.

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    I'm still not completely used to this. I'm glad there aren't zoo-specific building materials, but now that the tool exchange is built, I can't hardly get glass anymore. And the zoo cards for some of the animals come in really, really slowly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvengirl View Post
    It‘s only feeding visitors, not animals. As far as I can see.

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    After the update I was thinking great! zoo enclosures don’t cost as much now.... silly me they may not be as many coins but you still need tons of building materials. At the moment I have 180 bricks, 96 glass and 78 slabs. But when my Marten enclosure finished today I discovered I need 146 glass and 146 slabs, oh and guess what.... no bricks! So now it’s still going to take me ages to finish and I bet when my trains come in I won’t get slabs and glass I’ll get more bricks! So frustrating!

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