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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvengirl View Post
    Here a general remark about resource management being easier now:
    My next enclosure (black cranes) wants 158 slabs and 158 glass. For this I need 316 free lots in my barn - after having collected the slabs and glass during weeks, reducing my barn space with every new slab.
    Well, ok, the absolute number of materials required for an enclosure might not have been reduced much, but it's way easier to collect 3 different materials than it is to collect 7. In the past, in addition to the specific materials required for the enclosure you would've had another 100 spaces or so taken up by the basic stock of all the other stuff needed. Unless you sold it all, but that would've really slowed down your progress. And collecting slabs and glass through trains is way faster than collecting the old zoo materials.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Lyons View Post
    I totally agree. It was very very hard to manage the resources to build both the town and the zoo. And the reward was great -- a truly synergistic relationship between the two. And now half of that synergy has been removed (not tweaked, not augmented, not improved, just hacked off and trashed). I can't imagine my game play recovering from that.
    That's a great way of putting it. I feel the same.

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    Kindle update is heeeeerreeee!!!
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    So glad to finally have the update!

    My first thoughts...

    I never realized how much of my gameplay is helping others until I couldnt. I feel much better now.

    Next, I'm glad I was warned about how comparatively small the compensation would be for my shops, and had time to grieve before it happened. It makes you wonder what would happen if Playrix decided to suddenly take away the Market in the town, with all those boxes we've bought with t cash.

    I was pleasantly surprised that my first animal from the free deck was a camel, and I had finished its enclosure a day or so ago.

    I started another enclosure because I want to use the building materials and get them out of my barn. The wait is only one day. Are all enclosures that quick now?

    Holy mother of hungry animals and people Batman! You need five corn and FIVE watermelon?! Make sure you keep sending your ships out every time they come back! You will need those items. I also filled some one else's basket that needed 6 fish! That's a lot of fish!

    I will check back in later with more thoughts after more play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liztropolis View Post
    I'm sure there's lots of more casual players like Destroyer out there who will like the new zoo. After all, it's much easier now than before. I'm not sure it's any faster, but definitely much easier. We don't have to fill those pesky planes any more for gems. Some of the zoo orders might be a little hard, but overall easier than having to fill several whole planes a day.
    And we don't have to juggle barn space any more to accomodate all those zoo materials.
    A surprisingly large amount of people who play resource management games actually don't really want to manage resources. Because it's "too hard".

    I expect this forum is not very representative of the general player base and leans rather heavily towards more hardcore players. Unfortunately, I hasten to add, since I personally strongly dislike what Playrix did to the zoo.
    How can you say it's easier when most of the posts are complaining that you get less coins or that to many items are required of that too many cards are needed and you get duplicates.

    I stopped worrying about barn space a long time ago, even with 200 hinges, wood etc I still have more than enough space.

    I have lost count of the amount of posts here with players saying I'm not playing the zoo any more, as mentioned this is a time management game which involves managing the zoo at the same time as all other parts of the game. I will continue to send 3 or 4 planes a day, why should I stop sending them, you can see what you need for the next plane and make most of what you need before the plane arrives back, time management.

    I very much doubt that that the old zoo will be coming back any time soon. The new zoo is not easier or harder, it's just different.

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    I'm not a casual player and it wasn't difficulty that put me off the old zoo, but even if both were true that wouldn't automatically make my thoughts and feelings any less valid than someone else's. People play the game differently, and that's okay - they're meant to. And they're meant to talk about it here, so let's make sure they feel they can if they want to.

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    1. Wow, I am really going to miss my zoo shop coin income! Like this is a big deal after putting so much work into purchasing and upgrading them! 83000 coin doesn't cut it! Such a huge income, gem and material loss for my township! Townshippers who ignored their zoo were unknowingly missing out...

    2. I already miss the hot product zoo regatta task.

    3. Why can't we see other players zoo books?

    4. I do like that real people are visiting zoos now. I had wanted some sort of help feature that would draw in visitors. Why work so hard on a zoo if no one else sees it?!

    5. Can we get a "like" feature?

    6. Why is it that as a kindle user all week I have been unable to help the say 15 people in my help tab, but now today after getting the update there are no help requests?!?! I was so wanting to get me some clovers!

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    Finally got the Kindle update and my new zoo! I'm a happy camper!
    So far I like the new zoo. I never was much for filling the baskets in the zoo shops. I found it boring and got more duct tape and screwdrivers than money and gems. I kept the market busy with stuff for planes, buying ore, and mining tools.
    I don't know if it will take longer to get all the animals with the new zoo as opposed to the old zoo, but that doesn't matter to me.
    This is a game of patience, strategy, and time management. And so far it gives me all those things.
    The only thing I don't like is the animal book. Seems to require a lot of page flipping and I would like to see other people's books.
    I did have to rename some of my animals as I had a hard time with the gender of the babies from the pictures in the old zoo.

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    has anyone heard of a booster that might come out to cut the time in half maybe

    or will there be a booster for the zoo

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    Me too Katville, I like the new zoo so far. I will have to look at my babies names as I'm sure some of mine will be mixed up as well
    Would be great to see more added to it in future updates to benefit everyone, fingers crossed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Me too Katville, I like the new zoo so far. I will have to look at my babies names as I'm sure some of mine will be mixed up as well
    Would be great to see more added to it in future updates to benefit everyone, fingers crossed.
    The Devs had better give us some warning if they ever do reopen our books to the public. I may or may not have been a terrible potty-mouth in mine now it's private.

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