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    I’m going to try to explain my upset with a cuntructive criticism and some sarcasm

    1. You’ve made me very zoo sad. And you took back design items I had already worked for, the sequoia tree.

    2. The hours between the tasks you can do and a regatta task you can finish is insane. If I’m counting correctly it’s about 30 hours. Why so strict!?

    3. Barn space.. I feel constipated all the time. Guess what, it’s not fun to play when you can’t play. I’m being forced into holding all of this - bleep!

    I’ve alpha & beta tested games, I literally grew up at Disneyland (my grandfather was and old timer). I will spend money on a game I believe in, and I have for you.. but now it feels so wrong. Everyone in my coop is going mad, mad, mad end rant. Fix it!

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    I lost everything in my zoo except 2 enclosures. Please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatsvilleTS View Post
    I lost everything in my zoo except 2 enclosures. Please help
    What platform are you on Katsville?

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    I don't know if this has been brought up yet. A lot of info on zoo redesign to sift through. Is there a way to know which enclosure is coming up? Previously it went by level, but since there are no more levels in zoo, I'm at a loss. I just get an alert in zoo that a new enclosure is available. I'd like to prepare with building supplies needed and dump the rest for space. Only thing I can figure is going through my zoo and figuring out which I dont have yet. Still no guarantee which enclosure will pop up. Right after the update, I was able to drop 5 enclosures within a few days. Since then, nothing. Also, i have coop members getting enough cards to purchase an animal that they dont even have an enclosure for......Arghhhh!

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    I second your entire rant! We are all angry, and equally confused by all the drastic changes

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    Boo zoo

    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight Bookworm View Post
    Thank-you for feedback.
    Twilight, I sent you a PM.

    I do not care for the redesign of the zoo at all. I think it is absurd that I can have a Dad and baby animal without having the Mom first. And, the game says you can get the cards from sending full planes. That happened one time, on the day my game updated and it hasn’t happened since then. The zoo tasks take entirely too long to do now. Very annoying.

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    Hate it. Hate everything about it. Please return it to the way it was.

    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post

    Since the new update is out, you can discuss all general aspects of the newly redesigned zoo in this thread!

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    Hate it. Hate everything about it (except removal of building materials). Please return it to the way it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    I have finally had it with the Zoo orders - 9 of this and 9 of that. I’ve decided I’m just not going to fill any more that request 9 products, nor am I going to ask friends for help. The orders can sit there forever as far as I care.
    My thoughts too!

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    Is anyone doing zoo orders as a task for the regatta????????? With a waiting period of 2.5 hours between impossible orders.... I'm better off doing plane tasks.

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