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    Waiting 3 hours between each order makes the game drag on. I just finished #1 out of 7 orders towards a chest. Will it take another, what, 18 hours to get the orders to earn this chest?

    I agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramonaquilter View Post
    I’m still getting acquainted with new zoo. I got my first new animal so that works but I still don’t nderstand how I got it. But I digress........... the last reward for zoo wanted 9 tomatoes and 9 loaves of bread. Next one is 6 bananas ( so 2 ships) and 2 Puppet Dolls. Excessive!!
    I enjoy helping friends with their zoo orders - when they are not too excessive - because I take a look at their zoo's - and have seen some really neat designing happening.

    Yes many orders are crazy excessive! We're not filling them. If enough people let those huge orders sit, maybe the Gods will be nudged to tweak requests to down to reasonable amounts. Here's hoping!
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    Just had an update to "fix bugs". Not sure what bugs it fixed. Anyone know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedDane View Post
    The item requests are ridiculous. I just saw a player request for 9 rolls of rubber/plastic. It’s very difficult to keep up with the new zoo orders and then the time expires! Can’t it be like the trains where you can fill them when you have the products? My ships can’t keep up with island orders now and I constantly send them out. My fellow co-op members are complaining too. More stress than fun... 😞
    I agree. The requests require too many items for too little reward. I liked it better when I could sell in the shops a few at a time. Somebody didn't think this thing thru.

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    I have just abandoned the zoo. Neither helpful for coins, nor for the regatta task. Just for getting those useless cards? Com'on Playrix. Bring back old zoo.

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    For anyone who might not have seen it, Anna Petrova has started a feedback thread here. Though Playrix are aware of this thread too, of course.

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    Is there a general "this is how the new zoo works" thread or post somewhere? I cannot figure out what the point is. Fill orders for WAY too few coins and no way to dump the orders and hopefully get more reasonable ones. Collect animal cards to do what with them? I didn't like the old zoo setup (although my main objection was never having enough boards without spending serious t-cash) but this new one just seems pointless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wommie View Post
    Just had an update to "fix bugs". Not sure what bugs it fixed. Anyone know?
    Couple minor glitches, nothing drastically life altering. Many apps will often send out hotfixes, you update, you don’t know why... just... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Thumbs up

    I’m getting highjacked on explosives from my trains..these are being replaced with shovels, slabs & bricks.
    Don’t need shovels, PLEASEand thank you!

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    I waited until late in the game (a bit past level 100) to open the zoo. Just did that recently and was rolling along really nicely, had 5 of the shops already, buying animals every day.

    Now with the changes, all my progress in the zoo has stopped cold! It keeps letting me build more enclosures but I'm not getting enough cards to put any animals in them. The orders are asking for ridiculous amounts of island products. At this rate it will take f o r e v e r to get even one more animal.

    I miss putting products in the shops! And getting rewards for that! This new "upgrade" is terrible! Downgrade!

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