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Thread: January 2019 Update [Android/iOS/Kindle]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    iOS got a bug fix today 6.3.8 - I notice Android and Kindle mention in this post they have 6.3.7 - so maybe there is an additional update for you folks.

    Double posted this message so more will see it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    I only see 6.3.7 on my Google store so far. Like I said somewhere else, just closing my game completely and restarting it solved my problem. I do not see the update message any more.
    Nevada has posted an announcement re: the updates for ios and android. Kindle apparently don't need one, which is presumably why the Kindle update was delayed.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    I got the "update" to click, clicked it, no update in Amazon Appstore, got the "update" to click, sighed thinking "oh no once again I won't be able to play for who knows how long," saw the Cancel button, clicked it - and got into my game! Hooray! I mind the delays in getting the update MUCH less when I can at least continue to play! Here's hoping the hotfix will fix some of the zoo problems.
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