I am not a huge fan of the new zoo procedure...mainly because I am already seeing a trend ... Started 3/3 orders (with large quantities of items ex: 8 tortilla chips, 9 popcorn, 6 fish etc) for a reward... Now it is 5/5 orders for a reward... I hope that number does not continue upward seeing as you get one order every 2.5 hours... Also the decor for gems vs ignots I am not a fan of at all... I turned my auto updates off just so I could buy the crater and castle before the update... Activated the smelting booster and smelted for a full day and a half ... So thank you to whoever mentioned that change... The same 2 decorations would have costt nearly 30 gems after the update... I do enjoy both the look of the update and the fact that you can ask for/receive help in the zoo now... I am always for more clovers for the house of luck. I am genuinely curious how/if they will have a new zoo regatta task... We shall see 😊