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Thread: January 2019 Update [Android/iOS/Kindle]

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    Newer version of Township?

    Keep trying to help people but get message I can't because they are running a newer version of township. How do I get that? Please someone help. Checked out app said I was up to date.

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    How do I get new version?

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    I have an android and have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, all I get when I open the zoo is downloading may take awhile. Everything remains the same though after I open the zoo.
    Have been unable to help anyone with products because they all have the newer version and i dont.

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    How do I get the new version?

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    Please...if everyone would just read this thread before posting, all of your questions would be answered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ljchester1 View Post
    How do I get the new version?
    Depends of Google now. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but knowing Google from a past, they can delay update even for week or two :O

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    Can't gift

    What do I do when it comes up. Player has newer version of this game so cant get to their town to gift.. barn is fill and unless I sell goods from barn my game is at a stand still.. so annoyed as I pay real money to play this game...I have reinstalled game, updated etc, but nothing helps.. not good.. haven't any help yet after contacting support..

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    It's the new zoo update. If you still see the same zoo your game is not updated yet. I am the same. Half of my co-op got the new zoo... rest have not as of yet. Patiently waiting as it is causing a fuss in our co-op!

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    6 hours to go in the ice fishing tournament and my game updated which caused the tournament to disappear. I can make lures and see the progress board but can't use my lures. This update really should have waited until there was no tournament or regatta.

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