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Thread: January 2019 Update [Android/iOS/Kindle]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    iOS got a bug fix today 6.3.8 - I notice Android and Kindle mention in this post they have 6.3.7 - so maybe there is an additional update for you folks.

    Double posted this message so more will see it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    I only see 6.3.7 on my Google store so far. Like I said somewhere else, just closing my game completely and restarting it solved my problem. I do not see the update message any more.
    Nevada has posted an announcement re: the updates for ios and android. Kindle apparently don't need one, which is presumably why the Kindle update was delayed.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    I got the "update" to click, clicked it, no update in Amazon Appstore, got the "update" to click, sighed thinking "oh no once again I won't be able to play for who knows how long," saw the Cancel button, clicked it - and got into my game! Hooray! I mind the delays in getting the update MUCH less when I can at least continue to play! Here's hoping the hotfix will fix some of the zoo problems.
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    Amazon still has Not gave us the new update yet, It still on 6.3.7. While other devices has version 6.3.8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseygirl.247 View Post
    Amazon still has Not gave us the new update yet, It still on 6.3.7. While other devices has version 6.3.8.
    An additional update for kindle doesn't seem to be required, jerseygirl. It seems iOS/Android needed a hotfix patch to repair their 6.3.7 but you Amazon guys didn't, because yours was fixed before it was ever released. I assume that was part of the delay in getting it to you. There's some discussion of it here too, including a quote from an Announcement we made here at the time. If you're still getting the pop up prompt to update your game, you can continue to cancel that to log in.
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