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Thread: Getting chance to redo a move

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    Getting chance to redo a move

    Please put a button if we making a move and made mistake we can undo move and redo we dont need many chances one will help

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    Bringing this back to the top. Every so often you use a booster and your finger goes the wrong way ...switch or shovel..and you wasted a booster...really a pain. This could be a rare wheel win

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    I absolutely agree. There are definitely times when my finger is too big for the buttons or I was moving quickly and didn't realize I bumped a power up, and it gets accidentally used. There are always those times when, before the move is even completed, I realize it was a mistake and wss the pivotal point in the game, etc.
    You could make it so we can only use it once in the game or within a few seconds of making a move, etc.

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    I think this is a brilliant idea. I can't say how many times I went to swap a tile and they went the wrong direction.

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    I agree as well that this would be a good addition! I also wished for an undo button every time i mistakenly swapped two tiles the wrong way..
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    I agree! My fingers just mess things up sometimes and swipe up instead of over and it wastes a vital power up.

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    I agree there have been times when I’ve had two rainbow blasts next to each other, ready to clear the whole board and I accidentally switch one with say an apple. It’s the worst.

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