So I searched and couldn't find similar suggestion so here goes;

I'd like to see an option for Co-Op leaders & VPs to be able to Opt their members out of Regatta races. I was surprised that my current Co-Op didn't know the Opt-Out feature even existed under the Settings (Cog) -> Additional Settings -> Take part in seasonal regatta

My current Co-Op has a weekly minimum of 4 tasks. I've been in another with 10 as the minimum. Sometimes people disappear, stop playing, vacation and don't Opt out (or don't know they can opt out and how), so they end up with a 0 tasks done at the end of the week.

Without the ability for leaders to sit them out, usually the only option is to keep getting 0's which drops you down into lower tiers, or kick the player out of the Co-Op. It's not nice to kick people out, if they just went away on vacation or had some life issues preventing them racing.

This feature would allow a friendly co-op to have something other than the boot as an option to keep friendly people, but still keep co-op team competitive.