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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany Clarke View Post
    For me, the order was Austin's room, Living Area/Foyer, Kitchen, Upper Dining Room, Orangerie, Garage, Party Room
    ha it's weird so the developers certainly changed that a few months after the release of the game, because even if I had installed it as soon as it came out on android, I really only progressed a lot of months later. but it still remains a pretty weird choice to change the order of the parts ^^

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    They also have changed the number of stars needed to complete tasks. Now, everything costs a lot less than it did when I first started playing.

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    Hmmmm....I’m in the living room now but have done the orangery.

    Tho I’m on level 503 and I see someone’s still there in the 700’s....plz tell me this isn’t so

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