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Thread: Where to retrieve Island Coupon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LifeJacket View Post
    Yes, good idea!

    (Are upgrades the only thing we use our ingots for now?)
    Upgrades, getting better returns on ships sent to islands and (how could you forget?) the Mint.
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    For ships, I bypass the Academy of Industry and click on the upgrade star on the last train. The ship upgrades are the 4 items following it. It's shorter for me to do that to check the ingot requirements and upgrade one.

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    My issue is that the "coupon" doesn't show anywhere to be redeemed. I included a screen shot of the "Bundle" I bought showing the island coupon I also sent Playtrix as screen shot showing I hadn't upgraded any island. Been more than a week and I am still waiting for a response from the support people. I appreciate all the advice here and have followed your advice to no avail.

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    I have been waiting more than a week for a reply ( other than automatic ) from Support. I have followed all the advice here; thanks. Nothing. I even posted a screen shot showing the "island" coupon in the bundle I bought $$$$$ and sent Playtrix a screen shot showing that none of my island have been upgraded. Hope it won't be much longer to get this resolved.

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    Resolved by Playtrix support. Just took a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argus012755 View Post
    Resolved by Playtrix support. Just took a long time.
    Glad to hear everything's sorted!
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