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Thread: Boo Zoo

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    Yes thats correct but besides that i think they still need to make it easier to level up. I think they main problem is that you need to 'visit' the zoo separately.

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    I'd be quite happy with a special icon next to the helicopter icon that indicates sold products in the zoo and provided fast access. So I wouldn't miss those notices.

    Unfortunately such an icon is on the "CANNOT be implemented" list.

    What I did, that does help a bit, is concentrate all "action" buildings/fields in the southwest section of the map. So I spend a lot of time there.

    What the devs could do to help, is rearrange the spot of the event centre with the zoo entrance, so it'd always be more in view when you're looking at your trains.
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    I totally agree with you. I sometimes just 'forget' to sell products in the zoo.

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    I'd like to be able to move the zoo entrance like you can the mine.
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    I really enjoy the zoo. It is slow-going, especially since I usually can only play in the morning and evening. But I like to decorate and rearrange while waiting to level up.
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    Personally I love the zoo. I use the upgrade usually twice a week. I easily recoup the gems I spend to enable it and then start collecting what I need to get animals. I also use that time to do as many Regatta zoo tasks as possible. It does take work to level up but at this point it does not really matter. I still have a backlog of enclosure to purchase and build.

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    good question. I wish I had read about the zoo before I built it. It really slowed down the growth of my town.
    It is fun to decorate and that's the only positive aspect about it. if you are trying to grow your town put off building the zoo unless you like to go very slow.

    Zoos do give some stuff but it takes more than you get back.
    I have spent over 40 gems and received 2 as rewards in the zoo. I have gotten Tcash for full enclosures. Selling things is the way to profit, but its not very effective. Here are 3 typical examples.


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    At least you guys have a zoo to complain/brag about. Mine keeps disappearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azaimi View Post
    Building the zoo is pointless. We don t get anything from it!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Laurel Cove View Post earn experience points toward your town, earn lots of coin, especially with hot items and earn gems that you can uses as boosters or trade to the gem guy. I look at the zoo as another way to earn items to expand my town.
    And in addition to xp, coins, gems, building materials, we also get 5-40 T-cash, for each enclosure completed! That's not nothing..

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    I use zoo to do the regatta task of "sell hot zoo items". Its a pretty easy less time consuming task if you have right hot products at the time.To aid in that task i am hoping to at least increase the number of shops in zoo and number of boxes in each shop.. However, it will dry up the gem supply (that i need for the boosters) if i buy animals so often. Therefore, im buying animals in a slow pace..
    And I do not care about the level of the zoo anymore as long as its usefull in regatta😁
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