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Thread: Task Star Costs

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    Task Star Costs

    In order to complete the tasks throughout the house, does it cost different star values for different people? My girlfriend and I both play and although I'm further along in the levels (I'm on 269 and shes on 229), she is further along in the tasks and storyline. I'm just now clearing out the old greenhouse and am out of stars. Meanwhile she has already cleared out the greenhouse and built up that part of the garden and is now onto more tasks.

    The only thing I know that we do differently is she would focus on the tasks and beat levels as she needed stars, while I focused on the levels and let my stars build up (sometimes I'd have 90+ stars at a time).

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    I believe it is. I inquired about this in a previous post, but nobody was willing to respond.

    Don’t know how the players are differentiated, but it SURE GOES AGAINST PLAYRIX’S FAIR GAME POLICY.

    I’m bored with this game and will be deleting it soon. Finally made it to the library and have only been able to complete 3 tasks in 2 weeks because the levels are so difficult. No boosters are gonna get you 2 bombs side by side.

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    The only way to progress through task is to spend your coins and do them. Saving your coins does nothing.

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    I've read that before, too. The rooms at the house take different amount of level to complete, which is not fair at all. I like the game and started playing because of my niece, but I'll be deleting it any sooner. The farder u go, the harder is to get the stars and EVERYTHING needs an star.

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