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Thread: Holiday Aftermath

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    Holiday Aftermath

    Well, our Christmas company has returned to their home and hubby and I are left with the droopy decorations that will soon have to be packed away for another year and a daunting fridge full of leftovers to make the most of...and of course, World Junior Hockey games to watch because we are Canadian after all and that’s what we do the last week of the year lol!
    I hope you all have had a safe, happy holiday season. I know this can be a hard time for many and, if this is true for you, I hope you have the support you need and that 2019 will bring better times.
    Cheers everybody!

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    Lovely sentiment Magnolia. Sounds good lots of leftovers & enjoying the hockey I had a very nice quiet Christmas, not many decs to take down in RL, but spent today removing my Township decor. That probably took longer than the real ones will,lol.
    Cheers to you & hope you have a great 2019!

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