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Thread: Oil & Amber Sap........

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    You were right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert Chehade View Post

    Yes, I tried contacting them through the in game Support link, still nothing heard......
    I have given up now on that avenue.
    hi Albert,

    I am always suspicious when I read "heard nothing" here - they have that automated reply system, and one has to reply to that, or the thing will get closed. Described and overlooked time and again, it seems.
    So, if you really heard "nothing", something did not work with your ingame report, I'd rather think.

    Like here in the forum, I'd expect at least you'd be getting a sort of "we'll think about it"-reply at some point (when the humans get to it). And as I said, no guarantees for any changes I didn't read everything here, but players have a tendency to suggest changes in the basic gameplay to make it "easier" for them or faster...

    And I don't use FB. You counted and evaluated all posts there - wow.
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    No more about AS from me....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert Chehade View Post

    I tried 3 times through the in game Support link.
    Nothing heard.
    hi Albert,

    if you are sure your reports were sent in correctly (SW- and connection-wise) - really no automated replies? very strange - I would PM one of the responsible Admins here and ask them for help/clarification about the process
    (not the contents of your suggestions etc).
    And sorry, I thought Valeriia supervises one of the other games, but she is obviously responsible for Fishdom, too, maybe even THE one. So, write to her. Don't guess, ask.
    We've also seen folks here, where simply their mail / sending procedure didn't work.
    I'm still doubtful about not even getting an automatic answer...

    But anyway, no sense IMO in continuing to work with allusions in forum posts about who should read what (or our emotions about the structure of the Playrix fora *g*), when that is obviously not the sense of the forum and all we've seen here is "contact our CS, pls"

    BTW, in case you're wondering: I can't comment on or support your suggestions, cos I am by far not that far, lol. Fishdom is not even anymore among the F2P-games I open daily for their daily rewards. (I liked the Playrix games "in earlier times" on the PC. )
    As you said, there are other games that are more fun (IMO) with - and because - being less stressful and less relating on luck only (or so it seems). But none of them stays easy... I admire everyone of you here, who came into the situation of Aqua-thingie and treasure chests at all.
    so, don't give up on making your suggestions (where they belong*), so Playrix can at least think about them.

    *(don't get me wrong: discussing them here with other players is OK also, of course. But for reaching the P's, you must go their way.)
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    I’m over it...
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    hi Albert,

    if you read my post again, you'll see I did not suggest to do the same thing a 4th time....

    Nice to hear what keeps you in the game Liking stress also might explain it, yes. And your use of "all", "most" and "never" here

    All games require a certain amount of strategic play and forward thinking, most people lack these attributes yet expect to win any level with one eye closed, which is never the case.
    lets me assume you might have the enthusiasm of the youth in you... I'm not always that patient, but still play games

    Take care also, and let us know how it turns out. Good luck again.

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