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    The Land of Snow and Ice Regatta Season Decor

    Q: Why are those decorations so cool?
    A: ‘Cause it’s time to go on an

    Hey, guys!

    Check out the asTOWNishing decorations of the new Regatta season:

    ⭐ Ice Sculpture Reindeer
    🚢 Icebreaker
    🐶 Dogsled
    🐧 Penguin Skating Rink
    ☃ Polar Station

    Have you already placed them in your towns? Share the screenshots in the comments 👇🌈

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    Can’t wait to get these! I’m especially fond of the penguins.

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    Nice additions. I will get them all
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    I love these! I've already got the penguins. They're super cute. I think I'll get the dogsled next.
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    Finally, ice skaters on a frozen rink! Penguins and reindeer statue are now permanently in my Zoo.
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    Bravo! These are brilliant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    Bravo! These are brilliant!
    Here here!

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    Yoohoo! My Fishermen had trouble with the frozen Harbour so they are so excited we finally got an Ice Breaker to get them back to open water.
    What is missing still are Snow plowers and gritters to make my streets snowfree ;D
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    Very nice decorations. I have a polar exploration going on at my waterfall. They are probably looking for the Yeti but haven't seen him yet.
    Reindeer ice sculpture is by my town sign. And penguin ice skaters will go in the zoo as soon as I get more tokens.
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    Love the decos!! Everything goes nicely in my ski resort area. Well done, Playrix
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