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Thread: Play On?

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    Play On?

    PLEASE, PLEASE make an option to confirm you want to play on. I'm obviously on auto-pilot as I have now lost over 36 gems by clicking to play on in error. I keep thinking it's try again. It asks you twice if you want to play on so it should definitely confirm once you press on it. It's really harsh. Please change it

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    Hi I know the feeling! In case they don't (because we have asked before)

    train yourself to "x" out of any box. This is the only thing that I found that works.

    so you might "x" out of the try again box too but you can always go back.

    If you ever really do want to play on then you have to stop yourself from x-ing out. They get you one way or the other, don't they!

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    That is a good suggestion dandelion mentioned. Another thing I trained myself to do is to notice whether the game is still displayed behind the message and click X if it is. Once the game is gone, I know Ive cleared those double traps they have set for us.

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