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    Quote Originally Posted by Flipflop View Post
    There was a teaser on FB, but it said to "keep an eye on ingame news for juicy details shortly"
    I saw the teaser too. Playrix succeeded in making us curious and (even just a little bit) excited!
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    I had the "big" news envelope showing up in the upper left corner of both of my towns today. I tapped on it and it announced the major changes in the zoo. The announcement only consists the headline and the picture that Nevada already further information.
    After the big envelope vanished I could see the Information in the regular News-button....for a while.... now the news is gone again...
    So it was the same thing that cdosr experienced
    That's a little confusing, but I'm very curious to see what changes will come

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    I’m only four snowy owls away from being finished so sure, great time to have a big overhaul. Why not.
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    Just got the notice in game same as the one on Facebook. Note on zoo look at the last video it shows a lot of ideas during the design stage. I love the zoo it was a lot of work unfortunately the only time I visit is during a regatta task.
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    Yes I’ve been working hard on my zoo lately too. Just reached level 33 yesterday and am currently building the enclosure which cost 230,000 coins. Was all this work a waste of time? Guess I won’t be using any gems then to get the animals for the enclosure until the changed zoo is launched.

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    I'm really excited, but also hoping that sunk my so much coins and gems into my zoo recently hasn't been a mistake.

    I really hope more info will be presented soon now that we've seen a teaser.

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    These changes are kind of scaring me. What the hell am I supposed to do with my gems now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JammyJamFam View Post
    These changes are kind of scaring me. What the hell am I supposed to do with my gems now?
    Buy boosters.
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    I only started playing Township because of the zoo. I am a former zookeeper and the idea of designing and building my own zoo was intriguing. I have put a ton of time into my zoo and love how it turned out. I am excited to see some action in the zoo -- after over a year of absolutely nothing new -- but I only want new tweaks. Not a total revamping. So the announcement has me a bit worried.

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