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Thread: Help for the higher levels past 1500...

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    Help for the higher levels past 1500...

    Does anyone else need help with the higher levels? Since I have been plodding through the levels after 1700 it seems like the hard levels cone more often... like after only 3 to 5 levels. Plus I can get stuck for a day or two, and not just for 5 or 10 tries like in the past. What is up with this?

    I never used walk throughs before, but even with the help of walkthroughs you still might not make it through the level. Even bonuses are no guarantee. The list of written help only goes up to level 199. Does anyone know a place to get written help? THANX SO MUCH,

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    There are no hidden secrets - it's the game, that decides if you win or not. Your strategy is mostly irrelevant.
    Today I had all bonuses of the magic hats and added all possible power ups. Guess what?

    I stayed short one move off clearing the level. Why?

    Because they wanted me to spend money. I didn't because I found that very greedy.
    If you do, however, you'll end up with levels that end quite the same way. One move short.

    It's your choice to agree that or to accept moving on more slowly.

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