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Thread: Out of levels at Xmas

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    Out of levels at Xmas

    I wish that I didn’t run into this as often as I do. I’ve played since the game was a seek and find on big fish. Therefore, I’ve kept pace with the levels. But I have now been unable to gain all the decorations for Halloween and it looks as if that may happen for Xmas. The chests just aren’t enough to get me through the holiday contests. I held off this time from playing just so I wouldn’t use the levels that I had waiting for me. Didn’t help. I dropped a league and still don’t have enough levels to play for the contests.

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    I'm on the chests as well, so I can't earn tickets for decorations until new levels are released. Last year I had a glitch and was only able to acquire the Xmas mailbox. Come on, BF. We want to play and decorate!

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    Actually, I was very happy that I had run out of levels because I was too busy to participate during Christmas. Therefore, I was NOT DEMOTED for a change.

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    Yes get rid of the chests! You're making enough money off of us you don't need to do the chests. I am ready to quit the game.

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