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Thread: No golden ticket!

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    No golden ticket!

    I am on level 914 and have thoroughly enjoyed playing Fishdom. I have been saving tickets for fish, and I noticed that while I earn bronze and silver tickets, I have not earned any gold tickets in a month or more. The fish for which I am saving require golden tickets! Current totals:

    286 bronze, 116 silver, 39 gold - I have purchased fish with bronze and silver tickets, so totals don't reflect total earned.

    I waited to report because I thought maybe it was something I was (or wasn't) doing. Now I am certain this is an issue with the game. I am beyond frustrated...even angry, as I have spent considerable money to buy gems, conquer levels, and earn gold tickets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    On 11/16/18 I had 11 gold tickets. Today, 12/18/18 I have 16 gold tickets. I have plenty of silver and bronze but a couple of fish I REALLY want need gold tickets and they are no where to be found (won). For instance I need 40 gold to buy the sheriff fish and it will take a year at this rate to get him. Not happy.

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    The only way I hav consistently gotten a golden ticket is completing a treasure chest. One golden ticket for completing the 15th level. Seems to me they did a double ticket event maybe I remember getting two once. Sometimes I use my unlimited lives on the treasure chests because it takes me so many tries to get through some of the levels. I do give up and stop playing the game though, but that treasure chest will show up after you play all your new regular levels (it does for me).

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    Hi guys! The gold vouchers are the rarest ones which is why it might take more chances to win them Still, we'll definitely think of adding more ways to earn gold vouchers!

    Merry Christmas to you all!

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    This game needs to be greatly improved. Its ripping me off as I keep spending lots of money buying gems&bombs so I can get a mere 15 bells per game to collect 400 bells to buy the elf fish!!! Not to mention the vouchers!!! How hard and unrewarding to keep playing countless hours for a couple more vouchers to buy a fancy fish. This game developer must be a twisted millennial who has no empathy or compassion or concept of rewarding the players. loyal/addicted fans who are only trying to get that rare voucher or Christmas fish or decoration. Be creative and let people earn more vouchers and bells for God's sakes. Or you will end up losing players
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    why not make it an option to purchase vouchers with actual money? Isn't that what it's all about for you game creators? Reward the players or you won't keep the players. they will leave for a more rewarding game

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