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Thread: Sometimes It’s OK Not To Win A Level.....

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    Sometimes It’s OK Not To Win A Level.....

    When you get to a certain level full of bombs and lightning boosters, it’s better to keep playing that level over and over again collecting as many of the required boosters in order to complete Aqua Tasks.

    For example,
    There were Aqua Tasks requiring collecting bombs/dynamite/firecrackers to win some boosters and 1 hour free play.
    The other Aqua Task was to combine lightning boosters to win some boosters and 2 hours of free play.

    So what I did was to keep playing that level (in Treasure Chest) over and over again - deliberately losing, because THAT level provided me with so many of the required boosters to eventually win those Aqua Tasks and claim all those boosters plus 3 combined hours of free play.

    Also remember, that once you win those Aqua Tasks, with the free play time, you do not have to collect them straight away.
    Just wait until you have the time to play the won free time THEN collect that free time and all the associated boosters that came with that package.

    Hope this info is of benefit to others playing Fishdom who may not have been aware that this can be done.

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    Hi Albert thanks for the tips.

    Here is mine about when it might be good to lose a level-- in the grotto with Herman.

    If I find two or three levels in a row that I can win (without boosters) before a difficult level, I just keep playing and winning those two or three levels over and over again (and losing the difficult level without trying!) just to get the coins.

    I think once I found a level worth 300 coins and I could win it and after just a few plays I had almost 1000 coins. Seems quicker than feeding friends' fish.

    Herman should show up sometime today or tomorow. I like the grotto just for the chance to get coins; I wish it was the grotto each week and not alternating with the broken sub thing.

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    I have been trying to win level 205 or 208. It is impossible. Is there any way to skip it?

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    No way to skip it sorry. Did you check youtube for videos that might give you an idea? Maybe search in this forum too. You can start another discussion thread asking for help try to include a screenshot of the beginning so players can remember. Hope this helps!

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    Good point.

    The option I pointed out is one that only comes along ‘once every blue moon’.
    And when it did, I blew the Aqua Task requirements away with regards to bombs, dynamite, etc,,,,including the double lightning bolts too.

    Then after I completed those 2 Aqua Tasks, I merely waited until I had the time to play 3 hours free, then collected that free time AND the boosters as well.


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    And STILL not a peep or a squeak from the Playrix developers regarding allowing Aqua Splash for the Treasure Chest game plays..............
    Makes you wonder why they are deliberately ignoring a legitimate request from a legitimate player.........

    As of today, 19 December, I am sitting on level 3391.

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    Hi Albert. I don't think you will get an answer.

    I don't think they are ignoring any of us, they just don't want to have to tell us to keep quiet and just keep playing.

    I was truly surprised I got an answer to my direct question abt the beauty points required for the last star (180,000 did Valeriia say?).

    Take advantage of what you can and enjoy playing. Cause they aren't going to change their business model for us.

    Happy All The Holidays

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    Yes, I agree completely.
    It makes you wonder though, what harm is there to simply reply with a yes or no answer?

    Perhaps the 3 dreaded monkeys are running Playrix.....
    “See no evil” - “Hear no evil” - “Speak no evil”.

    What the hell, I’m tired of asking, but what a waste of resources to beat a level in Treasure Chest game plays with more moves available and boosters on the board just to see these go to waste because of no Aqua Splash, what a waste.

    My strategy in Treasure Chest now is to assess my game play, and I get as close as possible to winning, then I stop trying to win and to use all boosters on the board plus other tactics so that I win that level with the barest of margin.

    This works for me up to 90% of the time and I get more bang for my buck.
    But it should not have to be this way......

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