So what drove me to this forum is honestly the current holiday event mini game. The new game that requires you to place roads between pillars of land so that the truck can make it through is driving me up a wall. I’m horrible at judging distance and spaces and I can hardly make it through each time without falling, especially when a SINGLE fall ends the mini game (unless you have cash), and the hit boxes on the platforms you’re aiming for seem dodgy. It is disheartening at best to collect enough resources to play the event mini game 5 times, only to walk away with absolutely no progress in the competition because it’s judging points on completion rather than points earned while participating. Can we please either get some easier, more forgiving mini games for events— or at least judge the competitions based on stars earned and not how many times you’re able to completely finish?

My second suggestion is in regards to the houses in the game. Is there really any reason to only allow a certain number of each type of house to be purchased? I REALLY miss a lot of the earlier, small houses, and I really do not like a lot of the big city buildings. I would really either love more small houses, or at least the ability to buy however many amounts of any house based on preference. I just want to make more cute little suburbs in my town and I literally can’t do that at the moment: